The Ugly and Stupid American abroad

dick-cheney-in-iraqA short film of The Ugly and Stupid American abroad.

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2 Responses to The Ugly and Stupid American abroad

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    The American doing all the “Fuck you, you pussies women yadda yadda” actually understands Arabic, when they start talking back to him (despite his threats to beat them up) he answered before the translations into English.

    What a bitch.

    I wonder which Police or Sheriff department he worked for back here.

    Probably a jail guard rather than a patrolman.

    Hey, he DID promise to leave THEIR country if they don’t do HIS fighting for them.

    It was the U.S. who decided to take over their country, and the punk is bitching because they’re not helping him be their Slave-Master.

  2. Avatar David Martin says:

    That’s very hard to watch, but Americans should know how we show our face, or other body parts, to the world. It’s apparently much worse now than it was when I was in the Army in 1967-68. See “A Condensation of Military Incompetence” at

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