UFCW holding firm against supermarkets

Corner of Lake Avenue and Venetucci BlvdCOLO. SPRINGS- Local supermarkets Safeway and King Sooper have begun playing hardball with their workers. As contracts have officially expired, managers are calling the police when union stewards visit the stores trying to communicate with UFCW members.

1 thought on “UFCW holding firm against supermarkets

  1. Friends,
    I would like to thank you for what you are doing.
    King Soopers has begun to get nastier with us.
    We are now being disciplined for forgetting to make a sales pitch for the 123 rewards mastercard. They are doing this in order to retaliate against us because we don’t want them to slash our pension by 50%, and because we are fighting against the fact that our employer still insists upon making courtesy clerks wait 3 years for healthcare.
    Store Managers are beginning to scream at workers in front of customers and co-workers, I ask of you to visit your local King Soopers or Safeway and tell the store managers that they need to knock it off, and they need to listen to you because every time you spend money there it not only pays our wages, buy it pays the store manager’s salary, ane provides thier bonuses as well.
    also call (303)778-3100 and tell russ dispense who is the company president to stop telling the store managers to do that, or you can email him russ.dispense@kingsoopers.com

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