Your Right to a speedy trial under US law? Where? What? When?

Here is the case of a child ‘arrested’ and held subject to US laws in 2002, who is in jail still held without any conviction ever brought against him in court! Where is your Right to a speedy trial under US law? Where is this Right under our supposed democracy? It doesn’t exist, does it? Gone with the wind, if in fact it ever existed? Did we ever even have a democracy in this country? I rather doubt it. Who told you that anyway? Do you still believe in Santa Claus, too? Judge Orders Release of Guantánamo’s Forgotten Child

Oh? Did we mention yet that the child has been continually tortured under US law confining him to a torture chamber, too, for all these long years without a speedy trial? Don’t let that bother you though. Just go about your business and be careful. Can you pick me up a bottle of Tylenol at the store when you go out?

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