CC students stage Afghanistan die-in

Die-in at Colorado College Worner Center
COLORADO SPRINGS- The Colorado College chapter of the SDS staged a die-in on March 8 to mark the 1,000 US death in Afghanistan. Students wore names and brief bios of both soldier and civilian casualties of the continuing war.

Die-in at Colorado College Worner Center

Die-in at Colorado College Worner Center

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4 Responses to CC students stage Afghanistan die-in

  1. Avatar Ben Dover says:

    wow like 1000 people are going to do anything. how about you just do your patriotic duty and serve like grown ass fuckin adults and quit playing the little revolutionists cause your not. Im laughing my ass off at you guys. Im gonna become a police officer just to beat the shit out of fucks like you. Did you forget 9-11 you fuckin fucks????

  2. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    i remember 3/11. That’s today.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    So, “ben”, do you believe you’ve got a patriotic duty to make war on Americans?
    So far, sodomize, hit with bricks, exile us (the better to have the country to yourself so you could run it as you please…) and then beat us up while hiding behind a badge, a plexiglass shield, a helmet, bullet proof vests, and oh yeah, a bunch of your fellow theoretical cops.

    I don’t think even the cops would want you bub, must be why the Army rejected you too. They already have people shooting at them without you picking fights for them.

    That and your not-so-closeted lust for other men.

    How about this, come down off whatever hate trip drugs you’re taking, then think: The only people whose word you’re accepting about the war and everything related to it are the ones who lied to you consistently. For 8 years now.

    It might be worth your while.

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