Don Blankenship Massey Energy thug

Think these coal goons care about trashing the earth, killing miners, or intimidating jurors? Here’s a mob boss doing his own strong-arming: threatens, assaults cameraman. Don Blankenship, he’s not just the president, he’s a front line thug: “If you’re going to start taking pictures of me you’re liable to get shot.”

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  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Eric, you ask… ‘Think these coal goons care about trashing the earth or killing miners?’ Well how about this slightly modified question I now will ask you,

    ‘Think these oil goons care about trashing the earth or killing their workers? And do you think that the Democratic Party hacks care about enforcing laws against either the coal or oil goons?’ Here is the latest development in the Gulf of Mexico BP gusher case….

    “`Lawsuit to Challenge Salazar’s Wholesale Disregard of Marine Mammal Protection Laws in Gulf of Mexico
    400-plus Oil Projects Illegally Approved by Salazar Without Permits to Harm Endangered Whales“`

    This article is now on the Common Dreams website. What can we say about it?

    Well the Center for Biological Diversity, Thank God, is at least now suing the responsible government agency and its Obama appointed head, Ken Salazar, for not doing their jobs, which is a form of total corruption in this case. Too bad though, that the Democratic Party and Obama himself are not also being sued! They too got paid off, directly in multiple donations from BP, for not doing their jobs of enforcing governmental safety laws.

    Not just Ken Salazar is the crook alone that should get politically punished! Not that a civil law suit can provide any real punishment for what they ALL have been doing, and not just Salazar by his own lonesome self. What is needed are criminal prosecutions, but can the criminals though ever prosecute themselves? Can the thieves jail themselves? No, they can’t.

    Only real and massive citizen anger can ever bring that about. But bring up the corruption of the Obama crowd usually only brings liberal anger at the one who talks about it. You’ll get labeled as being a Tea Bagger or such!

    Brother Jonah, on your blog, Eric, will lash out and talk about how one is supposedly part of a gigantic plot to kill him, if you say a bad word about the Democratic Party! That’s how loony tunes Democratic Party apologists can get. Plenty! And you got the looniest of them all writing with you, Eric.

    Why don’t you try to get him a job working in Ken Salazar’s office? Isn’t that where ‘Poor Richard’ was working? Jonah would be perfect for that job.

    These apologists for the Democrats are simply apologists for a lot of major criminality, and help these politicians criminals get away with murder! It is sad to see NMT turned into this sort of junky apologistic trash. You could have done things differently, Eric.

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