With Obama reversing Iraq withdrawal, Obamapologists put sissy in Sisyphus

Whose war?Was it news to you? The Iraq withdrawal is off. The war that launched America’s first black president GOES ON. Didn’t the new Dissembler in Chief campaign to end the Iraq War, sort of, or uh, eventually? Skeptics were ostracized and accused of not stepping up, hope-wise. What’s next, Obama’s Tink dies if we all don’t clap our hands in obeisance, chanting “we believe”? If American voters were upset about Guantanamo, Endless War on Terror, torture, rendition, corporations indemnified of their abuses –take your pick– you wouldn’t know it now. Were you hoping to see Bush and Co prosecuted? What did you think of the President standing by as his SCOTUS nominee gushed about the preeminence of the rule of law.

3 thoughts on “With Obama reversing Iraq withdrawal, Obamapologists put sissy in Sisyphus

  1. I believe in the Donkey God. I believe in the Donkey God. I believe in the Donkey God.

    I just hope that Michelle can control him better than Hillary was able to keep Slick under control? And notice how much calmer the Republicans are now about Hillary since she got into office? Now they too seem infatuated by her good looks and charm!

    That’s what I love about America! Most people can forgive here! That’s what makes us a great nation! When is Chelsea going to run for office?

  2. Tony Logan, I can’t believe I’d be saying this, but it’s refreshing to see you back here after your absence. (The secret identity worked for a while, but the affirmative statements followed by the question marks gave you away). Your contrariness is a welcome relief from BJ, who can only justify unlimited intrusions by the nanny state by reference to his broken foot. At least you have something akin to a philosophical base…too bad it’s built on the shifting sands of socialism.

  3. Michael, you and I both dislike dishonesty in politicians and in their stances, and even though you think I am firmly in that evil Marxist camp, you might be surprised to find that most of the hardcore marxists themselves seem to find me rather distasteful. I’m not very into much of their doctrine.

    American marxism self destructed back in the early ’70s (what tiny amount there was of them back then) and marxists have provided almost zero oppositional leadership since then. A doctrine that can’t even oppose unjust rule well can hardly be a force that can be expected to run things if they had power, so there’s not much really to expect coming from that direction now days.

    The world simply needs some major political regroupment these days, don’t you think, Michael? I mean what with the planet being destroyed as it is.

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