Forget first write-ups, when homeless go for soup, dispose of their belongings

This is how it starts. Orange notices went up this weekend at the convergence of Monument and Fountain Creeks, declaring area a cleanup site. Items found unattended will be hauled away. Tonight is another meeting of COME OUT OF THE COLD, the local feel-good effort facilitating Colorado Springs cleansing itself of homeless tents. Instead of enabling the cleanup crews, volunteers could watch over the tents tomorrow while their disadvantaged occupants go for daily meals and social services.

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4 Responses to Forget first write-ups, when homeless go for soup, dispose of their belongings

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And our “friends” keep saying they’re not “violent” or espousing violence. How do they presume that they’ll commit the essentially violent act of declaring the People to be non-human and non-citizens? And taking all their possessions…. taking any of their dogs to the “humane” society for immediate slaughter… without “violence” or the threat thereof.

    The laws against Armed Robbery don’t make any distinction between the display of weapons, the threat to use weapons or the actual use of weapons when dispossessing your average shopkeeper of the money in his till.

    Are shopkeepers automatically “more human” than other People?
    Our “friends” who insist much that they’re not espousing violent acts against the Homeless PEOPLE still insist they have a right and a duty to treat them as though they’re not Human, not citizens, not deserving of the right to survive as best they can.

  2. Avatar libhomo says:

    That is so disturbing. I’m so glad I don’t live in Colorado anymore.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The hate-freak cowards behind this move, they always did like to attack somebody’s camp when he’s not present to defend what few belongings he has.

    It’s their level of so-called “courage”.

  4. Avatar Patchsl says:

    Dear Eric;

    Good news – campers are getting housing with showers and beds… and some jobs… no tasings or beatings… Oh wait, that’s bad news for your fear-mongering doomsday predictions… Bummer

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