#Occupy Colo. Springs Municipal Court

Occupy Colorado Springs arrestees
OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- Attention local media, if you’re looking for authentic spokespeople for Occupy Colorado Springs, you need look no further than today’s front row. Holding the big sign is first arrestee Steve Bass, to his right: three times arrestee Iraq vet Jack Semple, arrestee Amber Hagen, arrestee Raven Martinez, and arrestee Thomas G.

Also pictured, former Colorado Congressman Dennis Apuan, Occupy founding member Jon Martinez and Socialist activist Patrick Jay. Not pictured, Joel Aigner and Hossein Forouzandeh who were speaking at a UCCS occupy teach-in.

Here’s a video of the Saturday arrests of veteran of Fallujah Timothy “Jack” Semple and Amber Hagen of the 7-11 incident. Worth the watch. ROCKSTARS!

Mark your calendars, upcoming arraignments are scheduled November 21, 29 and 30.

Raven addressed the Colorado Springs City Council today on the unconstitutionality of the no-camping ordinance being enforced to curb the Occupy protest. Here’s what she said:

As a citizen of the United States, one has a given right to life, liberty, & property. These rights are protected by both the 5th & 14th Amendments to the Constitution.

In Bolling v Sharpe, The Supreme Court interpreted the 5th Amendment’s due process clause to include an equal protection element.

The 14th Amendment states:

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of LIFE, LIBERTY, or PROPERTY, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Knowing that sleep is a necessity of Life, every American citizen has a right to sleep, regardless of status.

“HOMELESSNESS” is considered a status.

The camping ordinance ultimately denies one the right to sleep, therefore the right to live, based on their status. How many people have been arrested for setting up a canopy, with blankets & food, to take a nap or have a picnic on public property.

Now if a homeless person sets up a canopy, has blankets and food with them, will they be told to take down their canopy under the current camping ordinance? If so, then the ordinance is based on status, therefore unconstitutional.

If not, then it leaves too much discretion in the hands of the individual law enforcement officer, making the ordinance over-broad and unconstitutionally vague.

When one is homeless, where can that person sleep? If they set up to sleep on Public property they would be violating the current city ordinance, they will be told to leave and told of a shelter to go to, being their only alternative. This amounts to incarceration in the shelter without a violation of law having been committed. This also violates ones right to due process in that it allows for arbitrary enforcement.

When you criminalize a non-criminal act of necessity, you greatly increase the possibility of that person committing other crimes, as well as decrease that persons ability to obtain employment.

State v Folks, No. 96-19569 MM found that a city ordinance which punished innocent conduct, such as sleeping/camping on public property, violated the defendant’s right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment, which is protected under the 8th Amendment.

I ask you to look at the constitutionality as well as the long term effects of such an ordinance, it starts a domino effect that negatively impacts an already hurting economy.

How much does it cost in tax payers money to pursue such a case?

We have to have change! If we want a better economy and overall society, then the government, Federal, State, & Local, must change the way they conduct business. Criminalizing acts of necessity is business, not a way to protect our American citizens.

“Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

Pass a new ordinance to repeal the current one.

7 thoughts on “#Occupy Colo. Springs Municipal Court

  1. Eric:

    Didn’t see your faux activist face in these photos – oversight? Or could it be you were too busy making money selling your t-shirts made in Nicaragua by slave labor and paid for through PayPal to break away. Or too afraid to have your lilly-white persona tarnished by civil disobedience – real activism. Not.

    Keep spewing your drivel – blah, blah, blah.

    What sad, ineffective, hypocrites you and your band of useful idiots at NMT are!

  2. If you’d like a statement on sovereign camping these are the people to talk to. If you’d like to talk to the media spokesperson that would be me. Not sure why you continue to dog OCS and spread mis-information. It is very unbecoming, Sir.

  3. Sorry, I’m not taking your bait pig-man. Your divisiveness is SO LAST-WEEK. These arrestees were/are OCCUPIERS and if you can’t get into the INCLUSIVE spirit, you ought to question your urge to dominate being “spokesperson” for OCS. I know we do.

  4. If we exclude people based on class or condition or status, wouldn’t we then be the same as Wall Street 1%?

    Since it was the “homeless ordinances” across the country which inspired the police attacks on Occupy, an echo of the Vagrancy laws being used for the very similar evictions of The Bonus Army and every time a migrant worker camp was busted up by the Local Gestapo (Grapes of Wrath, the book, was a deliberate understatement of how bad shit was and the movie even more so) so where’s the difference?

    What happens when people pull down the Hoff & Leigh signs all over town and just occupy the vacant buildings? Because it will happen, lacking a 180 by the Gov’t, which they won’t do without the permission of the 1%.

    The Capitalist UberGovernment has had American troops do the same to “shanty towns” around the globe when their “vested interests” seemed threatened by people living in places where Da Boss Man didn’t approve. More like a way to force the people back to putting more money into the pockets of Da Boss Man.

    Maybe Da Boss Man ought to get off his collective lazy arse and go pick his own coffee, cacao beans and bananas.

  5. And, I’ve heard complaints by the local media and their local followers that “they’re just a bunch of homeless bums causing trouble”. Given that the Wall Street apologists have already turned “homeless person” into “hideous fire breathing monster that must be slain” and have also jumped onto homelessness as the ONLY issue of OWS… as if “just” homelessness wasn’t a very serious problem they’d rather sweep into Somewhere Else, NIMBY…

    Since when does Occupy CS sweep people away as being a moot issue?

    Homeless PEOPLE are one of the most striking examples of What Is Exactly Wrong With Capitalism.
    It’s the “natural” result of a policy that casts aside anybody who isn’t a countable asset, property of Da Boss Man.

    Add in the Siddhartha like aversion of the Capitalists to gaze upon the damage wrought by their greed. Or worse yet, to have their children see it and realize that these castaways are People who are every bit as valid as Mummy and Daddy.

    Especially when Mummy and Daddy are trying to teach them that the Homeless People are so much inferior to Mummy and Daddy that Mummy and Daddy have a God-given right to do anything to them that Mummy and Daddy see fit.

  6. Hey, Amber just got arrested in Thomasville Georgia for having sex in public. Way to represent the 99% Amber. hahahahahahah

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