Imperialism, a tomb for humanity

OSPAAAL posterEarlier this year we passed the 4,000 mark for US troop casualties in Iraq, and we’re within a week of hitting the 1,000th US soldier death in Afghan- Pakistan. It seems as good a time as any to rediscover this Vietnam War era poster.
Western imperialism didn’t meet its match in Indochina. Few could probably have imagined the voracious E Pluribus Empire would collapse instead into an intractable doomsday machine.

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1 Response to Imperialism, a tomb for humanity

  1. Maybe Rambo and Chuck Norris will go over and take it back. Rogue operatives singlehandedly taking on the VietNamese Army and doing what the ungodly Huge Waste of Human Lives and Military Hardware, financed by the Washington Money Pit.. failed completely to do.

    “We are here to win your hearts and minds… or maybe just burn down your Goddamn huts…”

    Today’s Pentagoons were junior officers during that shitstorm. Maybe they think, like GW did, they’ll rescue their daddys’ names from the ignominy of losing to barefoot peasants who don’t even use toilet paper.

    They flail about lashing out at anybody in a desperate attempt to avoid the simple fact that they lost.

    The American Left gained a huge reputation, mythic in scope, as a gigantic boogyman, because one of the targets the Pentagoons attempted to blame for Their Miserable Failure
    was the resistance from American Doves. Which we deserve some credit, but I’d say that the resilience and courage of the VietMinh fighters had a lot more to do with it.

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