Mass-murderer Massey Energy declares crime scene to be own damn business

Massey Energy is in “a standoff” with federal investigators trying to determine responsibility for the deaths of 29 Massey miners earlier this year. The mining company won’t comply with inspections of equipment defects which may have doomed the miners, and doesn’t the showdown highlight the corporate personhood fallacy? Imagine a serial murderer successfully disallowing police access to a 29-body crime scene. Would the media call that a standoff? Apparently now the mass-murdering Massey has been given an extension until Friday to comply. Can real-persons get some of that soft-on-crime-fighting? Aspiring Masons and Gacys, you must incorporate.

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2 Responses to Mass-murderer Massey Energy declares crime scene to be own damn business

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Unions don’t get that kind of kid-glove treatment. When “gentlemen of wealth and social stature” like Blankenship file complaints against Unions under the RICO statutes the Federales ride in wearing bulletproof vests and guns drawn, seize the Union resources and hold them indefinitely, like Guantanamo inmates or the Bill of Rights being held hostage indefinitely, “until the crisis is resolved”.

    I lost count of the number of times political attack ads on the radio, TV, and from “concerned citizens” published as OpEd pieces in newspapers and internet weblogs, cite the number of times Unions were “under Federal investigation”.

    Well, DUH! You get thuggish apes like Blankenship using the FBI as their own private army by filing bogus RICO charge after bogus RICO charge and you can easily, and relatively cheaply, fill up the court dockets with RICO complaints.

    It’s an easily manipulated statistic and all done FOR the Corporate Pigs and the expenses paid from the public dime.

    Corporate Welfare with guns. And when even the extremist biased “justice” department Korporate Kangaroo Kourt system subsequently no-bills or acquits the Unions, they still have all these charges which were filed (just never substantiated) against the Unions.

    For use as propaganda. “Freedom isn’t free” like the Right Wing claim, and actual enforcement of rights isn’t even affordable to the victims of Corporate Murder like the 29 miners and their families.

  2. Workin’ in a coal mine, goin’ down down down…

    How does a Corporate Criminal get away with it? Ask BP.

    Spill, baby, spill! Then they bitch-slapped even the U.S. Navy.

    They still believe they’ll get the oil shale from up here. And force us to buy more coal instead of developing alternative energy.

    Clean water? We doan’ need no steenkeen’ clean water!

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