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The epidemic of ‘prediabetes’ in Middle Age Americans shows failure of the US corporatized medical system to treat

Did you know that 79 MILLION Americans are classified as having ‘prediabetes’ (early stage Type 2 diabetes)? And most of those are between the ages of 45 to 60, making it more common than not to have early stage diabetes for this age category. And 90% are unaware of their oncoming medical condition, also! What a colossal failure of American corporate medicine to treat the sick! See 90% of People with Prediabetes Don’t Know It

Mayberry R.F.D.

Spin off of Andy Griffith Show, with Gomer PyleSome of y’all might not remember what the RFD part means. It’s Rural Free Delivery, an incentive to keep the constitutionally mandated (ratified by congress) postal service available to the people who really need it the most. The “Heartland” the Wreligious Wrong like to pander, butter up, and basically abuse their name image and philosophies every election cycle. The ones their Corporate Masters have just abandoned by closing their local post offices as “not cost effective” and their Privatized “Texas Miracle” alternatives like UPS and FedEx aren’t going to serve. They say it’s “Socialism” to provide a service based on need rather than greed, and you know what? It IS.
And it’s one of the reasons Oklahoma was a “Red” state in the truest sense of the word, as in Communist, in the ’32, ’36, and ’40 elections. Henry Fonda, often criticized by the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe like Bachmann, Beck, Palin… for his role in the movie adaptation of Grapes of Wrath, an almost realistic portrayal of what the Corporate Theft which led to the Dust Bowl and the Depression were about, was unlike the current crop of Right Wing presidential or gubernatorial or senatorial or congressional candidates or the Propaganda Pulpit that defends their actions, was a war hero. So was Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. And, according the House Un-American Activities Committee, so were thousands of decorated World War Two veterans. Wouldn’t know it to hear pimple-in-the-asshole Rush Limbaugh tell it. Or anybody directly or ideologically connected to Fox News.

But, yeah, the idea of financing something simply because it’s Needed, that IS a left wing thing. So is recognition of the fact that the phrase “Am I my brothers keeper?” was the really lame defense of the very first fratricide.

So, let’s see the Right WingNutz go without something THEY need, which really benefits only the Wealthy? Socialism v. Socialite-ism, head to head in a Russian Cage Match (rasslin’). Cut off their Military expenditures and their police and courts which they and only they own. If they want to have protection of their stolen hoards, or to have other countries looted for their benefit, let the sorry lazy Rich Bastards and their Mommas do it themselves.

We don’t need Government services? Well, God-damn it, neither do they, then.

If they don’t like the idea of actually paying THEIR way, or me pointing it out, then they can all just line up and take turns helping themselves to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass.

Shit I learned in school

…because, really, I DO believe there’s a deliberate sabotage of Public Education being done simply by handing a “liberal” program over to be administered by “conservatives”.
In 7th grade in Texas you’re taught Texas History. Some of it would be almost unrecognizable from a Yankee point of view.
For instance, we were taught that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, it was about State’s Rights.
State’s Rights to spend civic money and exercise military and police powers to enforce slavery.
We were also told, and I have reason to believe that it’s gotten worse, we were told that the Slaves were well treated, given decent food and housing, and Medical Care. Happy Days on de ol’ Plantation wif all de Darkies singin’ and happy and de Massa jes’ lubbin all of dem!
O, de sun shines bright
on my old Kentucky home
it’s summer and the darkies are gay…
You smile and laugh and sing because the Massah would beat you and maybe have you killed if you indicated any dissatisfaction with the arrangement. It’s that simple.
The Slaves were all Happy and Content and Well Treated… so why do the Corporate Slaveholders of the Modern Plantation, the ones who advance this bald-face lie about how good slaves had it, refuse to provide health care and good nutrition and housing for their Debt-slaves?
Is it only profitable to provide a decent standard of living if you outright OWN the workers?

They don’t make too much comment about how these Happy, Contented Slaves all smilin’ and singin’ and the Good Massah lubbin’ every one of dem… why they would be forbidden to take any outside employment in their spare time, to perhaps earn enough money to buy their freedom?
The Prison System uses a similar tactic to keep its slaves from escaping, if you’re caught with money you’re punished.
Likewise the Slaves were forbidden Education, even so much as to teach a slave to read was punishable by death. And to BE that slave?
Thus are the scions of the Debt Slaves treated now, public education being snatched away from our kids and allocated only to the children of the Merchant master class.
And health care and nutrition… look to the TeaTards with their anger and hatred toward people who actually receive health care, which the TeaTard Hate Freak leaders say only the Wealthy deserve.

Of course they will LIE and say they’re only looking out for States Rights…. Corporate State rights to hold people in slavery.
And threatening a new Civil War in which they’ll kill a lot of Americans to keep things that way.
Them Corporate Slaveowners sho’ does love them the idea of Killing Americans.
Why I believe the Texas History Textbooks are being slanted more to the right… Rick “GoodHair” Perry, fascist dictator of Texas, said the older textbooks were too Liberal WTF?
And in Texas the Governor determines the curriculum for the schools in the entire state. So look for even MORE brainwashed morons who will grow up thinking that keeping human beings in bondage and Killing PEOPLE who object is actually a good thing.

“Clean” Coal on defensive, downplaying REAL Clean power

So they’re spending a few hundred million nationwide promoting their bid for MORE unsupervised unregulated Mountaintop Removal Coal (and other minerals) Extraction, with the accompanying subsidies they’ll get if WHEN the Tame Departments of Interior, Defense and Energy and the even Tamer Congress grant them the Official Clean Energy Okey-Dokey. They downplay wind and solar as not being viable (“the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow“) AND claim that even when they’re used they’ll “need” to Strip Mine and destroy the environment for the metals. Which is bullshit on several levels, there’s far more recyclable metals ready for harvest than can be gotten from any level of mining in the conceivable future. One Industry LIE down the tubes. With Solar and Wind producing their PEAK output at the same times of day that the PEAK demand is, there isn’t actually any need to build MORE coal power plants or start new strip mines. AND the production of Wind and Solar is going up even with a tiny fraction of a percentage of the Public Subsidies that the Coal, Oil and Gas industries have enjoyed for more than a century. Almost a century and a half.

The Railroad Act, the Public Utilities Act, to name a couple. Military and civil grants to develop technologies specifically to use the products they’re first stealing and then selling. To their own Publicly Subsidized utility companies. And having the Military simply TAKE any coal, oil and gas that’s not offered at a price the Oil and Gas and Coal companies demand. The Police State apparatus they use to keep the Workers doing what Workers do and Corporate Leeches DON’T (which is, say it with me class: Actual WORK) by suppressing Unions and other private organizations, and also suppressing any Public Regulation of their own Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection.

The Mountaintop Removal mining which they also claim is safe and doesn’t affect anybody downstream has been proven wrong so many times it’s hardly worth mentioning, but the “Clean” Coal companies keep consistently LYING about it that it has to be mentioned.

The Male small-mouth bass turning into Female small-mouth bass downstream from their “safe and clean” mountaintop removal operations is just one example. The Mining Company TOXIC “gold hill mesa” Waste Dump here in Colorado Springs

Which is in the middle of OUR neighborhood spewing Toxins

and is being sold as a “Traditional Colorado Springs Community” yeah, right, if you count the many times the mining industry has poisoned this area of Colorado and everyplace downstream from it… sure, that’s a “Tradition” that the Mining Corporations and their Real Estate Accomplices have long practiced.
Another prime example of how “safe” their industry is to the people who, unlike the Corporate Executives, don’t make money off them poisoning us.

BUT… the fact that they’re running these ads and the very nature of these ads means they’ve got a chance of LOSING their fat Government Subsidies and they Know It.
That’s another project for the TeaBags, too,

Stop Sucking up to the Energy Corporations and start STANDING up to them. When Don Blankenship, Murderous CEO of Massey, shows up at your TeaBaggings, lynch the bastard. Take bricks with you and stone him onstage. Instead of treating him like some kind of rock-star and cheering every word that spews from his Lying Mouth.
Same with Sarah Palin, the Other Energy Corporate Suck who you treat like a rock star and cheer every word that comes out of HER Lying mouth.

If you can’t recognize who the REAL enemy are, then I’ll help you out, just like right now.
Stop lynching “liberals” in Effigy and use the ropes and torches to get the REAL enemy, who just by a weird coincidence SPONSOR your “grass roots” Astroturf Rallies.

They’re starting to show their True Colors, at the very least drag them out of their Corporate Suck hiding places and expose them fully for what they are. The way WE have been doing for a long time.

Otherwise you’ll be paying your taxes DIRECTLY to their corporate coffers and just skipping the middleman.

By the way, their Commercial Mouthpieces are the same ones who claim that Oil and Gas extraction in the oceans is “safe” and the same ones who LIE to you and say that forcing the Oil and Gas and Coal THIEVES to pay any measurable sum of their stolen money back in taxes is somehow going to harm oh, what was it BP’s Chairman called us, oh yeah “The Small People”.

“mineral wealth bonanza” found in Afghanistan… by U.S… (BBC)

So the scanning of the substrate rocks actually looking for a 6-and-a-half foot tall Arab attached to a portable dialysis machine or were they Taxpayer Funded Corporate Welfare, wherein the U.S. military was prospecting for Massey Energy, BP, ALCOA, etc? Will this mean that the corporations, mostly owned by British, U.S. and Dutch “holding companies” aka Investment Bankers hiding more of their stolen money, will offer a “peace” plan where the citizens of Afghanistan, as defined by the U.S. State Department, the “GOOD” Afghans who swear allegiance to The New Corporate World Order rather than the “BAD” ones who insist on, you know, their own ancestral property and sovereignty rights? Like the Horrible Crimes committed by Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Iraq and Iran when they insisted that the Oil and other resources that are under THEIR sovereign possessions belongs to THEIR people and not to American and British Corporations, no matter how many gunboats the Imperial Navies send to “liberate” the oppressed citizens, oppressed by the notion that they’re actually EQUALS to the British and Americans? How very silly of those PEASANTS to believe that they could ever be equal to the Masters. Isn’t that simply Droll, Chauncey? Why, yes, Edgar, tres amusant.

And if they don’t accept the role of Corporate Owned Peasants foisted on them through Taxpayer Supported wars of Conquest errr… “Liberation” yes, that’s the Ticket! then they’re labeled “Terrorists” and can be legally slaughtered by Coward Pukes sitting in the comfort of an air conditioned Command Center, , using their Video Game skills to kill Human Beings reduced to the status of Anonymous Target by Killer Drones. How very wonderful for the people of Afghanistan!

Then, if the Mineral Extractions owners fuck up and go beyond the “normal” level of destruction and pollution and say, kill a few thousand here and there in Bhopal-style Corporate Oopsies, any Ingrates who aren’t slobbering with gratitude over the Jackboots of the Conquero oopsie “Liberators” can also be arbitrarily defined as Taliban and slaughtered.

The Governors of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida…

Are taking sides with the Oil industry above all others. What a surprise.
The Oil companies can afford to eat the loss from a moratorium. Far better than WE can afford to eat oil. If they’re so damned worried about “their” workers they should have compensated them better, provided them with better workplace safety and had a contingency plan for disasters. As it stands now, they’ve been taking the Corporate Welfare and putting it into the pockets of their major shareholders and their political servants. If they’re worried about the lost wages of “their” workers, dip into some of that Corporate Welfare money and compensate “their” workers. Unless and until they do, they have no business bitching about anything.
We, The People have been subsidizing the destruction of the water WE drink, OUR air, OUR food, for far too long and it’s time the Corporate BigPigs put something back. The 5% at the top of the income scale, the Parasite Class, have more money than ALL the Working Class have combined.

BP spends Billion Pounds advertising how much good they’re doing.

I saw the commercial once today already. Just that one instance on every for-profit network in America must have cost a pretty Billion.
I didn’t time it, perhaps if I looked it up on youtube or BBC? But there’s not much point. It was much longer than your usual commercial. A thirty second slot at the Super Bowl costs $3 million on to be broadcast one time on one network. Granted that’s in an exceptional circumstance. Typically, more people tune in to the Super Dooper Incredible Bowl to watch grown men hit each other and throw a ball around, than the number who would watch an inauguration or a state funeral of any president or ex-president.
“News Stories” are considered to be in-depth if they last a whole minute. So the jackass CEO of BP is promoting through a pictorial essay a wondrous scene where BP is sponsoring all these sharply dressed volunteers in pristine clothing (Yeah, right! you go traipsing through any corner of a bayou for ten minutes and see how clean and photogenic your clothes and face are going to be) setting booms, giving birds a bath, and I would swear to the Lord God who made us all that some of those pictures of grateful animals being rescued were recycled from other oil spills.

And not putting in images of those far more numerous animals that can’t be saved. Telling us to Be Patient, Be Positive, Be Polite, Be Proud, Better Pray, (ahem)

And no mention of the idea that BP is fighting not to minimize the ecological damage, but to keep their damned oil well going. Not to plug it, but to fix it so they can go merrily along syphoning oil from extremely dangerous places, syphoning money from everywhere, and those places that won’t let them name their own extremely small fees for pumping the oil out from under the third world sands of the Local Political Entity, pumping the “Defense” departments of every NATO country especially ours for Corporate Welfare in the form of Murder, Threats of Murder, and Endless Occupations, using the blood and money of the “disposable people”, those of us they only pander to in commercials like the current one, then relegating us to anonymity and irrelevance once they get their nasty Capitalo-Fascist way AGAIN.

I might be wrong, but God-Damn if I’d apologize for overstretching, I’m pretty sure this commercial is being locally tailored for other nations as well. The closest the Capitalo-Fascists at BP and the boardrooms of all their fellow travellers in the Oil and Coal and Defense and other shadow-government Corporations have ever gotten to giving a shit about the opinions of the people they’re robbing. And Killing.

They’re not just killing the animals and plants in the Gulf and everywhere else they’ll have an Oopsie! Moment.

The realization is growing that the oceans they’re casually discarding for their profit and nobody else’s, are an irreplaceable part of our food supply. As hough our species actually owned the food chain. Then there’s the breathable air and the rapidly already changing climate. The climate that brings us water for our other food supplies and air for us to breathe. Gone or Going Fast.

They’re paying buffoons to deny their role in Global Warming even as they’re making often hostile and warlike claims to the new oilfields they’ll gain by the melting of the polar ice cap.

We’ve fucked up the ecosystem so badly that we’ll get a bonus chance to do it again

And to get to that point, they’ve gone beyond a normal desire for self preservation, to embracing Self Destruction. It would be impossible for people with their resources, including engineers and other scientists, to NOT realize that they, too, will be taken out when they destroy the Earth. It wouldn’t Be Possible for them to actually believe the bullshit they’ve paid the low-life Liars at Fox News to propagate for them.

It could be a turning point, maybe. Exxon Valdez could have been a turning point. The stock market crashes each could have been a turning point. The non-existence of WMDs in the Oil Corporation Warz for Profitz could have been a turning point.

U.S. War Expenses outstrip rest of the world, combined.

NATO countries only a tip of that. Russia, China, all of Africa and South America combined, that’s a monstrous amount of money being spent on weapons. Our Really Good Friends on the Right Wing insist that the reason Africa is so impoverished with regards to feeding and providing health care for the peoples thereof is that the nations spend so much money on Weapons and making war on each other. Michael “Savage” Weiner harps on this theme a lot, because to his twisted little Racist mind it shows the native inferiority of The Natives. But nary a word that the Enlightened, Epitome of Civilization America outstrips not only Africa, but the “superior” Western Civilization as a whole, whose spending on war in turn outstrips Africa.

One difference is there are no official Wars in which the Civilized Western nations are involved. But plenty of official wars in Africa. Oh, and fewer actual people in Europe.
Now for a larger kick in the seat. The “Defense” contractors are who are supplying the Rest Of The World with their invaluable service (literally, because how could you set an actual value on killing? Aside from a few hundred thousand gallons of red ink) are the ones who supply the Pentagon Trough.

A smaller and smaller minority holding most of the funds of the World Economy hostage. Holding the world at gunpoint, literally.

Their joke about the Iraqi weapons were “we kept the receipts”.They’ll wave the Flag, all day every day, except when they’re selling to other nations in which case they drop their pretense of “patriotism”. Just ask Ollie North. Pretend to be a gun buyer for a Drug Cartel or other similarly situated group who will most likely be pointing the newly acquired guns at Ollies “fellow” Marines. Because if you ask him in the persona of a Concerned Citizen all you’ll get is buried in pseudo-patriotic platitudes.
Bottom line is, the Daddy Warbucks types control more wealth than the Oil industry. Especially since they have such a tight grip on the majority of available funds in the world that the top dogs in the “defense” industry will also by default be the top dogs in any other major industry.

Is there a positive to that? Why, yes, there is. It distills such a huge amount of the Evil of the world into a very concentrated tiny minority of the population, they’re easier to identify

Fox can now re-add climate change denial to their Daily Spews

BP of course. “Show me the oil” “Oil? What Oil?” (though the Republican governors of the Gulf states are shitting white about what’s happening, their anointed mouthpieces at Fox still insist on downplaying it). But to the Nonexistent eco-disaster of the poisoning of the ocean (and a third of the waters of the world were turned to blood and all that lived within the sea died) (Did somebody ask for a religious perspective? No? Got one anyway didn’t we.) We get to add the Nonexistent Climate Change that the Fox Propagandists loudly denounced especially this winter) is going to Not Produce twice as many named tropical storms and 75% more hurricanes this year than normal. In Fox-speak, this was Not Announced this morning by NOAA, who were set up and funded through such Liberal institutions as the Military and the Shipping Industry. Oh, and for a big bonus, these non-existent hurricanes won’t be in the Gulf where the Other non-existent hurricanes never were either. This of course won’t affect the non-existent environmental rescue operations that aren’t going on all along the Gulf coast. Did somebody say “Katrina”?

I don’t even want to hear what Hume or Limbaugh or Palin or O’Reilly or the rest of the Professional Liars at Fox have to say. I used the word “Propaganda” although that’s not entirely accurate.

Propaganda is a Church (RCC) term that’s Latin for planting seeds.
They’re not exactly planting. They’re spreading the fertilizer. That’s a more graphic and fitting analogy anyway.

But they’re good at it. Other people have to travel all the way to Egypt to swim in De Nile.

29 dead, Tea-Potty Mine Owner trying to spin away the fact that he doesn’t give a Damn.

What more needs to be said? Maybe another picture of a
Fat Porky killer-by-neglect ought to suffice.

This porky, pasty son-of-a-pig for instance.

And, yes, he DOES fund the “independent” Tea Parties, along with other “grass roots” Billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, Rush Dumbo and Bill O,Really?…. Beck is only at about 800 million dollars so far, so not yet a Billionare, All of their money gained by being effective liars for the Regime of Capitalist Thieves like the one in the picture.

He’s paying news editors to publish excerpts from interviews with miners and their families to the heavily redacted effect that “Sure, mining is risky business and anybody who fights to lessen the risk is a wimp. REAL men enjoy being worked to death like well trained donkeys for the profit of some Fat Bastards in Philadelphia Boardrooms, Black Lung is Macho, not having enough money to partake of the ‘Free’ Market because one is such a Wage Slave Dog who accepts whatever crumbs his masters throw to him under the table, and not being able to provide any opportunity for his kids because the Masters don’t feel his kids deserve such an opportunity, that’s Manly Behavior”

according to the Coal Mine Owner Propaganda Team.

You know where the term “hush puppy” originated? It’s to quiet the dogs when they’re begging under the table, you toss them this deep fried corn biscuit and say “Hush, puppy!”
When the Miners families get their pitifully small settlements from their Owner and Master, the fat pig in the picture, he’ll have a longer winded version of saying “Hush, puppies!”

But that’s what he’ll be saying. It’s the way “his” Employees Bondservants are treated every time. The Rich-man appointed Courts make sure of it with a doctrine that a Poor persons life isn’t worth as much as a Rich Persons life. Workers, Meet your New American Aristocracy!
Because, you know, God Himself appointed them to be The Masters, if He had wanted it different He wouldn’t have made them Born Rich and wouldn’t have made Us Born Poor.
But remember, we’re “Free” because of that… Free to grovel to the Masters for every hush puppy they throw to us.

You know how the Tea-baggers claim to give 3/4 of a Deceased Rat’s Rectum about Seniors?

Turns out one of their controllers, the Bush Administration pricks who are angling to get back into full power, meaning, first place at the trough, have been issuing bonds against Social Security surplus funds to finance Bush’s (Cheney and Rove actually) Global War On The American Bank Account, without a squeak of pretended outrage from the Tea-Baggers. More proof that their agenda has more to do on the “Astroturf Roots” level with outrage that a Black man is President than anything substantial.
Tea Party “patriots”, are you listening? You’re being played like a finely tuned harmonica on so many levels by the Rich Bitches who will discard your stupid collective arse as quickly as they discarded the disabled and other poor and now, the Older PEOPLE you stupid bastards claim to care so much about.

While you’re out there with your signs tonight, in Colorado, in Washington, screaming about how those of us who aren’t Rich simply DESERVE to die, the Rich Bitch Corporations who are funding and organizing your “grass roots” movement are raping America one public trust at a time.

Congratulations, your Corporate Masters have bought you. And by extension hope to buy the rest of us as well, for the small price of Everything We and You actually had. That’s right, Stupid Tea Party, you’re selling yourself for worse than nothing, you’re actually PAYING for your chains of Slavery.

You can’t even trust Goobers anymore

By “goobers” I mean Goober Peas. That staple of American Diet in more ways than you can possibly imagine unless you’re allergic to them, Once Again being recalled due to bacteria that exist naturally in the digestive tracts of Carnivores. In this case, like the LAST recall, which was only last year, about this time, it’s Salmonella.

How DOES a bacterium that would ordinarily be found in Dog Poo and in the contaminated meat from improperly slaughtered and mass-production butchered animals (chickens mostly) and from SlaughterFactory companies where the same machines and the same Almost-machine-people employed at the processing plants have to handle the pieces of dead chickens also have to handle the pieces of dead cows, pigs, (who are, like chickens, omnivorous) etc….
How would it get into VEGETABLE Kingdom products like spinach, tomatoes, peppers, Peanut Butter, peanut flour (that last is used in a ghastly huge list of products, I wouldn’t be much surprised to find it in Toothpaste next)?

Droppings from “Illegal Alien” migrant farm workers, as suggested in the spinach and tomato mayhem? Perhaps the droppings from Tent City but that’s another over-hyped non-story…

How about this, (which is far and away the most common scenario): Contaminated bins and contaminated machines and processing tables at the Mega Corporate Food Processing Centers?

And their delivery vehicles. And places like WalMart and McDonalds and those who follow their corporate model (more than half the Corporations is America) regarding people who have the misfortune of being employed by those Jerkoffs, and not getting paid or even in some cases Unpaid sick leave when they have infectious diseases.

The “Migrant Workers shitting in the fields” is easy to believe, (except it wasn’t the root cause or even a secondary, nor yet again a Tertiary cause) because it’s a backward admission from the Corporations that they still use the old Slave Plantation Model of “how to treat farm laborers”.

They treat ALL their workers like that. What’s distressing is that they treat the PEOPLE who handle food the exact same way. Like to eat at Mickey Dee, drink your favorite cup o’ joe at Starbucks? Remember that they FIRE employees who take more than 5 consecutive sick days. That their workweek is all seven days with shortened hours so the company doesn’t have to pay overtime.

Where you can get fired for actually working overtime, because the “experts” at Corporate Headquarters determined that you could have completed your Underpaid Tasks in the allotted time.
If you don’t take bathroom breaks or stuff like that.

Where if you catch something like Influenza, and you’re still contagious 6 days after the symptoms disappear.

Where they make boastful commercials like the Halls “Drill Sergeant” commercial, which they’ve re-introduced, where a Food Worker is encouraged to keep working despite having Respiratory Problems…
They’ve got one like that where a Rambo-Lookalike pops in to a different store.

Because “only a wussy wimp liberal would refrain from working around PEOPLE and/or their FOOD while packing a contagious ailment that might spread to the PEOPLE who buy the products at the stores and restaurants”.

Look for
the Union Label
when you are buying
Food for your Table…

G7 vow to cancel Haiti Debt…

30 years too late. Mighty white of them.
Swiss courts delayed announcing their decision, hours before the Earthquake, to reinstate the money stolen from Haiti by the Dvalier family, with the help of the CIA and Pentagon, and Swiss banks along with other multinational banking Corporations, to the Duvaliers. Not to Haiti. One Swiss official said that it’s customary to wait several weeks before announcing court decisions.

My take on it is that G7 and Credite Suisse and the IMF and World Bank would have been perfectly content keeping Haiti twisting in the wind forever or until the Haitian People collectively sold themselves back into odious hateful humiliating Slavery with the condition that they every morning en-masse they would have to issue a sincere apology for ever declaring themselves to be a free people.