On 9/11, Refudiate Stupidiocy

As the Nine Eleven foundation myth calcifies into its ninth year, the they-went-thataway think tanks now say the US empire faces its greatest threat of terrorism from within –and they don’t mean the perps of the World Trade Center Reichtag Fire. While civil society struggles to insure that the definition of terrorism stretches from suicide to carpet bombing, the state holds that terrorism means enemy of the state. And Hate Speech means heresy.

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6 Responses to On 9/11, Refudiate Stupidiocy

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Happy Birthday, 9/11 conspiracy conspirators! This would be Eric, the 9/11 Democrat’s 9th birthday, since he crashed a plane and hit his head on the Pentagon and woke up in Conspiracy Land. I blame the Republicans, or perhaps aliens from another planet, who took him up into their spaceship and altered his consciousness.

    The TRUTH shall be known!

  2. Yeah, anybody who notices that the WarMongering PIGS like Bush made beaucoup bread off selling 9/11 is “stupid”.

    Because only the Really Clever People who believe the word of confirmed Liars like Bush and Cheney know anything.
    Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

    You gonna go to Florida and burn Qu’rans at Pastor Jones’ church tomorrow? With the TeaBags who have wired up at least one murder, of a cab driver in NYC, one assault on a construction worker at the WTC memorial project and one firebombing of an Islamic Community Center in Tennessee.

    Actually a lot more Hate Crimes/slash/Anti-American Terrorism but, hey, that’s “conspiracy theory” too.

    Why, one would have to be Really Stupid to notice Cause and Effect involved in people who pretend to be Revolutionaries, but are really Corporate Sponsored Thug Squads, spreading hate speech like “Liberals should be killed” followed by a Church Shooting in Knoxville, or “Hispanics should be Killed!” followed by many many assaults on American Hispanics by their related group the Minutemen, including the killing of an American Child, for the “crime” of “looking mex” you know, and saying “Muslims are Demonic!” followed immediately by Right Wing NutJobs firmly associated with their Hate-Mobs killing or assaulting Americans for the “crime” of being or looking Muslim.

    Yes, only an Idiot would notice connections like that. What, Tony, are you trying to suck up to the Sarah Worshipers?

    It won’t work, her cult demands absolute obedience.

  3. Avatar Helmut Grosmesser says:

    Just another android Brother Jonah. The term “conspiracy” is a meme, generated by the borg factory. It is used to avoid dynamics and solicit pre-calculated subjective reactions. It’s like a smoke bomb which they use to flee unseen from serious subjects. It is a term which they’ve come to rely far to heavily upon, and which is like a pillar buckling under the weight of the facts pounding down onto it. But do not underestimate memes. This single meme has done much to sustain idiocy and ignorance amongst this “nation”. Remember the beautiful warcry by Bush himself that read: “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.” Well, he never said anything about the sensible ones, or the really solid ones. So Brother Jonah, fear never the borg! They lose in the end, but won’t go down without a fight. So lets keep at it! They’ll have to come up with a stronger meme than conspiracy soon, before all rational thought-forms find themselves in such a category.

  4. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    i use the word, conspiracy, and one nut calls me a suck up to ‘the Sarah worshippers’ and another calls me a member of the ‘borg’. It’s now a Sarah worshipping borg conspiracy that I represent to these TRUTHERS that Eric attracts so mightily to His Tribe of Democrats in hysteria.

    If the see a conspiracy in everything nuttiness unfolds just like it did post- JFK assassination, this is about in the peak times of USA Today nuttiness. In another 9 years there will probably be much less of it around than now, yet it will still be the terrain and province of the hard core fanatics of CONSPIRACY addiction. Some of them will still be yelping out against Dubya even, no doubt.

    Then will come the long slow fade……. towards oblivion in the graveyard of ‘conspiracies’ past. The addicted mind will pass on to new conspiracies fantasized and dwelt on though!

    Oh, there’s that word again. There’s so many TRUTHERS around these days that you can even scare them on Halloween eve by showing up to their front doors and shouting ‘Conspiracy or Candy’ at them! Instead of Boo, just say… ‘9/11’.

    Sarah loves you, Jonah and Helmut. Her heart is not full o hate. Yours is. …lol…

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    You know, somebody wrote to the Indy that her ability to make up words as she goes along is somehow a sign of genius.
    He didn’t mention that her ability to make up whole sentences like, “well, the job of the Vice President, once I get elected, is to help the Congressmen make laws” which is almost, but not completely, wrong. There is a clause in case of tie votes in the Senate, but how often does THAT happen? But it’s far overshadowed by the constitutional duty of the Vice President to assume the constitutional duties of the President should the President be unable to complete those duties.

    It’s a symptom of Envy called Snobbery. People who flaunt their wealth and social status are in deep envy of those who actually HAVE both, so they pretend that they’re wealthier and more powerful than they actually are.

    That doesn’t work very will with intellectual abilities and accomplishments. It’s something that really can’t be faked, even with scripting and exclusive access to News Cameras, like Ronald Reagan had. He was a senile bigot and even the Republican Party recognized that.

    People with Penis Envy typically drive huge cars and or carry swords, Bowie Knives or guns. Which makes them dangerous but doesn’t actually make their penises longer, nor does it make people believe that their penises are longer.

    So how does one get around Pre-Frontal Lobe Envy? Do they have some way common people can fake education?
    No. So they do the next best thing. They simply declare intellectually adept people to be “stupid” and “elitist”.

    They make statements like “he’s so smart he’s stupid”. That would be so stupid it must be freakin’ Ingenious.

    “My Dog is Smarter Than Your Honor Student”.
    No, your dog is smarter than YOU. There’s a difference.

    “My kid beat up your honor student.”
    How wonderful, your child is a fuckin’ criminal who assaults people for imaginary reasons. You should take him to a doctor or better yet, take him to an adoption agency who will find him some parents who don’t teach him stupid shit like “it’s cool to assault people, especially when because you think you’re stronger than them”. Before the kid grows up to become Governor of a large state. Like Texas or Alaska, and then use that to launch a bid for the White House. Where the Still Kid can tell other people to beat up and kill people who are not as powerful.

    And make up words like Nukular and Misunderestimate and Refudiate and IslamoFascist.

    Or, as is more likely, to live in a trailer park, have a few turns at going to the Penitentiary, or stand around in public places screaming Hatred and carrying signs that say “Keep your government hands off my Medicare”. (I tidied the spelling up on that last one)

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I didn’t read what you wrote, Tony. Something about being burned so many times thinking you were going to say something besides calling us lunatics and stupid, you know, tends to turn off any curiosity to find out what it was.

    But Tony, in all seriousness and because I really do count you as a friend, what makes you want to side with people who hate you every bit as much as they do everybody else?

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