The Prophet Mohammad as a Croc

You say Mohammad, Mohammed, Mohamet, MuhammedFound on the web: My favorite artists’ conceptualization of a purported Prophet Mohammad, employing contemporary populist art mediums of Croc, some ghetto Croc bling, and post-modern irreverence.

3 thoughts on “The Prophet Mohammad as a Croc

  1. See, the Muslim World would never allow the Prophet Jesus to be maligned in a picture wearing a pair of crocs? But our Dollar Store Christian $$$$Lands have ‘the freedom’ to call the Muslim World out for being a religious croc in service of any old new attack that our Supreme Donkeys or Supreme Elephants might wish to launch in our Holy Wars in the name of Homeland Security! Think of the prophets to be made $$$$$$ doing that!

    Meanwhile, offshore USA, tons of crocs are washing ashore…. Crocs in a Dead Zone! Time for some more GatorAide out there in the land of rigs!

  2. Whereas in the Western World Jesus and Moses and anybody else who can be exploited for profit, IS exploited for profit.

    Perhaps the blasphemy that’s most offensive isn’t portraying the image of a prophet or savior, for amusement.

    Perhaps it’s rather the very serious and not-amusement use of the mental image of those prophets to get the followers of those prophets to go around killing people. Even fellow worshippers of those prophets if some of one faction of priests decide that another faction are Blasphemers and should be put to death.

    It’s what I find offensive when I pass by certain churches.

    I don’t know how much God is offended by it, but He has more reason to be offended and had a whole lot more time seeing the things done in His name and practicing resentment of them.
    More capacity to be offended too.

    Just a thought.

  3. Great picture. Was looking for something that might piss off the Mohammed cult. Was looking for a picture of Mo with a shoe on his head, but this will do.

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