Media disguise spill it’s 42 times larger

Louisiana oil spill seen from spaceConfused about how much oil is spilling from BP’s offshore Deepwater Horizon catastrophe? When British Petroleum was asked, there was no spill, then an admitted manageable leak which TV pundits assured would produce a “sheen.” Viewers who thought they heard that the Coast Guard discovered the flow had become 42,000 gallons a day can be excused for their confusion when the accepted figure became 5,000. Because now the unit of measurement is barrels. The scale of the disaster suffered such an inflation that the PR currency had to be devalued. Never mind that gas is still priced by the gallon. BP officials insist the size of the spill is irrelevant, their damage mitigation will be unwavering. Let’s hope their standard for what constitutes contamination is not devalued. 5,000 barrels, by the way equals 210,000 gallons.

5 thoughts on “Media disguise spill it’s 42 times larger

  1. They worship it like it’s not just “a” god but The God.

    And they have this really parochial way of looking at things, kind of a larger (but not much) version of “the world drops off into a howling waste at the County Line”.attitude that folks in Cleburne have. Here be Dragons and all. Global Warming doesn’t count unless it’s in the bounds of the United States, for instance. If it snowed in Dallas that means global warming is somehow a myth. The Oil industry has spent billions on advertising protecting its corner on the market. Government subsidized corner on the market in fact. But always with that provincial parochial bullshit about “it’s good for OUR Economy” to dig out all the coal and pump out all the oil in the World, burn it up and only THEN will they grudgingly allow alternative solutions.

    America isn’t the Entire World any more than Cleburne Texas is.

    Aside from the huge amount of damage we do to Other People’s properties, lives, societies and nations, we’re not even the most important or influential.

    We’ve destroyed far more than we’ve built, and now, the oil is moving onshore here.

    They get to eat their oil. Problem is, so do the rest of us.

    Any political gain we get from God rubbing their noses in their mess won’t be any consolation.
    just, you know, in case our usual detractors think we’re rejoicing over it. We’re not. It’s our world too, something they seem to have forgotten in the mad rush to Wealth and Power.

  2. It’s hitting the bayous right now. You know the ones, where shrimp and oysters and all the rest of the stuff at the bottom of the food chain grow or breed.

    The Gag-Zette wrote that it might be bigger than Exxon-Valdez.

    Maybe we’ll start calling un-natural disasters by one or two word names, like Katrina, which is arguably more of the “natural” variety… But that’s in dispute.
    Bhopal, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Exxon-Valdez, Deepwater, Richard Cheney…

    (that last one is about as far from natural as you can get)

  3. The supreme court justice just made corporations equivalent to human beings under law…does this mean that We The People can now demand the death penalty for corporations like BP? (and goldman sachs et al)

    In my opinion the “corporation” as an artificial entity is one of the most pernicious,vile, forces ever unleashed on the earth…like a killer virus.

    Perhaps if we could all come together we can have THE END of the corporation worldwide?

    Imagine a post corporate world where government actually represented the people for the first time in history.

  4. I was feeling snarky when the line ‘the figures don’t matter’ came up. In that case I make 5000barrels x 45 Imperial Gallons x 4.55 liters per gal coming close enough – since we’re guessing anyway – to a million liters a day ! And it’s a Blowout…not a spill. Whee ! It can go on for weeks. And it’s not as if they have ever capped a blowout at 5000 feet below. That’s a lot of pressure itself.
    I see somebody else noticed the Cheney/Halliburton/Deregulation connection. Don’t everybody jump down my throat at once when I point out another little nasty too : an alternate name for government by corporations ( or lobbyists if you prefer ) is Fascism.

  5. That bit though, about Cheney, noticing it quickly is matter of perception. Some people in America refuse to believe, if the gun isn’t pointed directly ac Them, then the gun doesn’t exist. “Oh, MY insurance coverage actually paid for my minor surgery and very brief hospitalization, therefore, those who were killed by lack of health care are just whiners and..” and it gets worse from that point.

    But I grew up in Texas, and some of my most tangled family roots are along the Louisiana border. Halliburton practically owns the place, and not an acre of “their” land isn’t stolen. Their subsidiary Tidewater hangs over the area like a toxic swamp gas.

    The TeaBags and Sons of “liberty” and Oathkeepers and Minutemen go to their Corporate subsidized parties, chant about Socialized Medicine being Antichrist and Tyranny…

    Then whenever there’s a lull they start chanting the New Corporate National Anthem, “Drill, baby, drill! Drill here, Drill Now!”

    Maybe it’s a wake-up call for them. Lord knows they NEED to wake the hell up.

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