Was Gaza flotilla infiltrated by agent-provocateurs? Plausible, but whose?

It’s convenient to surmise that unexpected violence between activists and authorities must be the work of undercover provocateurs. With the fallout of the Mavi Marmara massacre reaching fever pitch, it’s hard to believe Israel would have engineered it thus; and far easier to imagine IDF infiltrators trying to steer flotilla organizers clear of headline-grabbing provocations.
I have a theory that terrorism-suspect and ultra-activist Ken O’Keefe is without doubt a provocateur. Working for whom? You and me.

By ours I don’t mean the us of A. I mean people of conscience.

Ken O’Keefe is the former US marine who renounced his citizenship after fighting in the Gulf War. Among many actions he’s participated in since then, O’Keefe led the bus caravan to Iraq during the lead up to that war, when it was hoped dotting Iraq with Westerners would be the human shield that deterred a US=British attack.

O’Keefe was among those on the Mavi Marmara, in particular fending off the commandos. He recounts how he helped disarm the soldiers and stash their sidearms for later use as evidence. The clips weren’t “emptied” into the Israelis at all, but stashed separately to prevent anyone from using or being accused of using the guns.

If anything O’Keefe served as provocateur to the activists’ courage, to step up a try to avert Israel’s interception of the humanitarian aid.

But on the theme of provocateurs, there are some schools of thought worth deliberating. (to be continued)

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6 Responses to Was Gaza flotilla infiltrated by agent-provocateurs? Plausible, but whose?

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Why stop here, Eric? I put Ken’s explanations of his actions under your nutty column celebrating the fabricated ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ and their supposed resistance to the Israeli assault, Eric. Read what he has to say for yourselves and decide who makes any sense?

    Eric had the mainly Turkish ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ supposedly fighting back valiantly (in his eyes) against Zionist military units and beating them over their heads with metal poles, even though it was a hopeless situation. Ken explains though that the Israeli soldiers had already killed several people with their guns and that the ‘fight back’ was no assault back at all. Sorry, Eric. Nothing about any ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ lungeing forward at any poor Jewish kids at all.

    What is absolutely clear, is that the Israeli military has tried to use some of their own taped video to give an opposite impression of what began and how it began than Ken’s version of events. Further, they don’t want any UN investigation that could unravel their lies for the world to then see.

    By positing that this Israeli military ambush might have started off with the use of an Israeli agent provocateur or two on board, I thought that definitely it had started out with Israeli full intention of restricting all information flowing from their military operation to ‘info’ that they had staged for the press. Now you can stage it with or without an initial stunt begun by an infiltrator, but you can usually do it better if your own agent starts the show off well.

    We still have only a small fraction of the details of what the Israeli’s staged for us in their murderous play. We may very well never know all the details at all. However, Ken’s version of events stands up to scrutiny much better than either Eric’s initial comments or those of the Israeli government and military. Ken is quite a hero compared to many ex US soldiers I have known.

  2. Avatar the ProblemHamas Is says:

    before this incident, Hamas was bragging that it would win if the Flotilla made it through the blockade or if it was stopped by Israel. The flotilla was the equivalent of a suicide bomber, eager to die provided Israel suffers.

    Or do you think that Israeli provocateurs brainwashed Hamas and Fatah do do suicide bombings?

  3. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    ‘Before this incident, Hamas was bragging that it would win if the Flotilla made it through the blockade or if it was stopped by Israel.’

    Where is this supposed ‘bragging’ seen, Zionist Sock Puppet?

  4. Avatar Lurk says:

    Thanks for the info on Ken O’Keefe. He is truly a hero but I am in awe of all the courage and integrity shown to the world by all the participants in the Flotilla expedition. If I were not embroiled in my quotidian gainful enslavement I would have been there too; surely this will inspire more activism worldwide, but of course the Mad Dog occupying Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, and torturing indigenous Palestinians, will not go down without a bloody and poisonous epic battle. We are, unfortunately, on the brink of the sick vision of glory that many fanatics look forward to as ‘Armageddon’. This is going to be extremely painful, stupefying, and frightening, and we already see it emerging in the rabid racist rioting and headhunting the Zionists are doing in Knesset and on the streets of the ‘Israeli’ cities mentioned above. We must pray to Einstein, Gandhi, and King for our composure, perseverance, and ingenuity.

  5. Ken did not disarm any Israelis! He was not even suppose to be on the Mavi to begin with. He was blacklisted by real activists and humanitarians. Ken is a coward and a crook. he even attacked a wonderful woman by the name of Greta Berlin on the Mavi!! And she was on the hit list as well. Not Ken! Ken was not on the hit list and he was not welcomed onto the Mavi!! He is an opportunist of whom was not even beaten by Israelis either. He is a liar! Come on!!! How many Israelis do you think would only beat a man in one spot???? Oh, my gosh!! Israelis are only going to beat ken on the forehead??? No place else??? Come on!!! And Ken has gotten all the News Media and attention from it. Oooh, and the donations pour in because, he suddenly became a so called hero and great advocate of Gaza??!!! I don’t think so!! Wake up!!!! Ken has lied to everyone!!!! He is a con artist people!!! Pay attention!!!! Don’t be fooled just because, he says what all we want to here!!! He is lying!!!

  6. When the Israelis were coming onto the ship other activists of whom have become invisible were the ones who really disarmed the Israelis. Everyone saw them whip Israeli asses and there is no way their weapons would had still been on them waiting for Ken to come get them LOL LOL LOL!!! I don’t think so. HA HA HA!!! Ken has gotten too much credit for something he did not even do. LOL! LOL! LOL! Out of 588 passengers only Ken has the limelight. And he was not even wanted there. He has over shadowed the real heroes!!! And that is wrong!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

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