Afghans mutilated by US kill teams are then disfigured by Der Spiegel editors

You’re shot up at random by a US kill team eager to engage Call Of Duty in the full-gore mode, who pose with you for a trophy pic, then when it sees the light of day, photo editors decide it best to shield your identity, they say to not dishonor your survivors, but likely to lessen the damning impact of the image. The US soldiers posing with their bloody victims were not holding the heads aloft intending to pixilate the identity of their kill. Why should Der Spiegel rob the unfortunate Afghan victim of his humanity, and the scarce opportunity he has for redress from the systemic brutality being visited upon his people by an invader culture, whose average interaction with his, might be this glimpse of a candid Kodak Moment?

1 thought on “Afghans mutilated by US kill teams are then disfigured by Der Spiegel editors

  1. Yeah, some Military Chaplain tried to say not too long ago that he doesn’t know of “any” U.S. troops who enjoy killing.

    The pussy with all the body armor and a bunch of his heavily armed buddies backing him up, standing over the body of what appears to be a teenager wearing a tee-shirt? Sure does look unhappy, don’t he? That silly grin on his face is (I guess, because a Chaplain told us) not really glee at having murdered a fellow Child of God but instead a mask for his grief.

    Way to GO! Chaplain’s Corps… now counsel the poor, grieving kid-killer, tell him the U.S. “christian” version of how killing Infidels is commanded by God and he’ll receive as a reward, being welcomed into Paradise where he’ll have the praise of God and all the angels and 72 virgins or maybe have 69 with a smaller number of ex-virgins.

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