Oops, troops don’t get memo, kill kids

SUNDAY- Drunken US soldiers kill 16 Afghanistan civilians, nine of them children. The US military is claiming the massacre was the work of one soldier who “wandered” inside homes in Kandahar’s Panjwayi district, but witnesses report it was a squad who laughed as they shot the families and tried to burn the bodies. US Army defenders might argue mouths agape that it doesn’t make sense, what would US NATO forces accomplish by doing that? State terrorism is no accident. Whether by directive, unleashing berserkers, or enlisting young men with mental deficiencies, TROOPS KILL KIDS.
For our remedial readers I’ll note that Tony and I are under fire for raising that point at an Occupy GA. What’s the vigilante posse got to say about the US soldiers in the village of Zangabad? Just part of the ugly job of war? Happens everyday? Yes it does.

8 thoughts on “Oops, troops don’t get memo, kill kids

  1. While this may be true, do you really think it is beneficial to fight fire with fire?
    You’re inticing all of this negativity to be thrown around when it could very easily be avoided.

    It appears that you enjoy creating drama and discord. If you didn’t do anything ‘wrong,’ you shouldn’t have to defend yourself by tarnishing other’s character to make your own appear somehow more mighty or noble.

    Just because a few people become wayward in an organization based on various factors, does not mean that everyone involved automatically holds the same ideals or mentalities.

    You can’t just throw everyone in a pile and pontificate they all feel the same way or they are somehow less than you because their life choices are different than yours.

    This is getting out of control.

  2. I’m sorry, but the whole US military is lacking in any real good ‘character’, Concerned Citizen. One gets good character by defending ones own country, not by occupying other peoples’ lands.

    These are not just a few bad apples at all, these many US soldier folk burning Qurans, getting drunk and killing civilians, and now here in CS trying to mount an assault on American citizens’ collective Right to Free Speech. And YES, we have the right as American citizens to say that our own, tax payer fed soldiers are engaged in a military that is less than sterling in character. Nobody is going to forcefully shut us up for doing just that either.

  3. To My Understanding, Jim Cross is also against this war! The message you are putting out is just you acting out on your aggression. Tony, The Conclusion of You and Eric is that you two are dividers, not uniters.

  4. Eric – The last paragraph of this post is true to exactly what the new anti-OCS group say about you. You are taunting them. I can see wrong on both sides, but you are only responsible for your own actions.

    I hope no one gets hurt in your little war because you kept fanning the flames.

  5. Yes David, You have a valid point. He was taunting those he expected to stand by his side no doubt. When you verbally bash those who are your allies, then they will no longer be your allies. Eric. When you do what you do you get what you get.

  6. When you post “news items” such as this, could you please quote your source? Some media sources are more reliable than others.

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