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Secular versus Islam

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  1. yes, because a woman being allowed to express herself in any way she sees fit (the woman in the bikini could wear the full body towel if she wanted to) is equivalent to a woman being forced to hide her entire body underneath a towel (if she took it off, her husband/male relatives would beat her, if she took it off again, she’d be stoned to death in public). obviously male domination has something to do with this picture…but only the right half of it. /fail, read the koran, then you can debate with me on the hatefulness contained therin.

  2. Hey, Read The Bible.
    The Israelites would have stoned bikini woman faster than any Taliban would.

    Go ahead, READ THE BIBLE. I don’t for an instant believe you’ve read the Koran either, I mean, you haven’t even read the Bible and you’ve got a Jewish name. Joe is short for a bunch of names, usually Joseph but all of them Jewish.

    Go ahead, READ THE BIBLE and then come spouting off about how the Koran is a recipe for Hatred.

    Read in the Book of Judges, how Jared made a human sacrifice of his Own Daughter.

    Read further, there’s very near the end of the Book of Judges an account of 11 tribes of Israel attacking the tribe Benjamin, started when a wealthy merchant was stopped overnight in a Benjamite city, the men of the city crowded around demanding his ass and I don’t mean his Donkey, does the story line sound a little familiar? Like Lot many generations before him, he offered his female companion, a concubine, a slave bought for sexual pleasure. Unlike the men of Sodom, they took him up on the offer and raped her to death. So far I see no heroes in the entire narrative, but read next

    He is leaving the next morning, remembers that his Slave Girl is out there, sees her laid out on the steps dead and demands that she wake up so as not to interrupt his very important schedule.

    Some translations show that he kicked her lifeless corpse.

    Basically he said many words to the effect “Hey, you lazy whore, I sent you out here to save my own sorry ass and now you’re sleeping the day away, get the Hell Up Bitch”

    Then he realized that she wasn’t sleeping and cut her body into twelve parts (the sons of the Patriarch Joseph, whose name you bear, were divided into two tribes) and sent them by his men servants to the heads of the other tribes.

    Wait a minute, he had at least TWELVE stout healthy men, no doubt warriors in their own right, probably double that because sending out lone messengers just wasn’t done…

    And instead of putting up a fight THEN he gave away the only woman in the crew. Nice Fellow.

    So the other tribes fell upon the lands of the tribe of Benjamin and slaughtered Men, WOMEN and even children.

    Oh no! The Israelites killing not only fellow Israelites but the KIDS and the women?

    But it’s right there in the book of Judges.

    Don’t kid yourself, kiddo, The entire Old Testament is about a centuries long Jew-on-Jew Massive Crime Spree.

    They don’t teach even half of the Book of Judges in Sunday School, but them there ancient Israelis were flat out Terrorists who would make Usama bin Laden blush.

    Jonah, my namesake, you know what he’s famous for aside from being et by a fish?
    He HATED.

    That simple. He HATED the Assyrians so much that he was willing to see the principle city, Nineveh, chock full of Hebrew Slaves taken when the Assyrians conquered the Kingdom of Israel, DESTROYED with everybody in it including the women and children of His Own People.

    Yeah, THAT kind of Hate.

    But it’s the Koran and ONLY the Koran that you choose as an example of Hatred?

    And we’re somehow not supposed to point out your Racist Hate Speech as being Racist Hate Speech?

  3. Here’s a Clue, if you want to be seen as educated perhaps you could draw on other educational sources than the really ignorant and hateful Nazi Freaks in the Tea Potty and the RepubliKlan.

  4. This is a false equivalent. In Iran, the woman on the left would be beaten or suchlike for being dressed like that, UNLIKE the woman on the right, who would not be subjected to the same legal penalties, for NOT being dressed like her western counterpart.

  5. I just feel like this cartoon is wonderful if both woman had the CHOICE to wear what they’re wearing. MANY Muslim women CHOOSE to cover their bodies to be closer to God, isn’t this correct? Just as women who wear almost nothing out in public choose to wear almost nothing (for various reasons). Yet both “types” of women judge each other based on the choices they’ve made. It’s a play on societal/cultural/religious differences and how it’s ironic that we look at each other strangely yet we have the same though process happening. I like it. This isn’t a debate on Islam and what is right or wrong with the religion. It is the law of the country that are often against women’s rights in some Islamic countries. Not necessarily the religion. And I do feel many of these countries violate human rights, especially when it comes to women. However, if women have CHOSEN Islam, they are aware of all that’s in the Koran. We don’t need to religion bash each other. Stop judging ppl for THEIR religious choice, please. We are all human.

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