AIPAC speechmeister Barack Obama may not be such a good liar after all

In his speech to AIPAC this year, President Obama described the foes of Zionism as determined to “wipe Israel off the map,” the last word quickly retracted and replaced with “Earth.” A quick glance at the prepared text shows this wasn’t a slip of the tongue, it was an official concession that Obama is familiar with the un-spun translation of Ahmadinejad’s words. But Obama’s reflexive on-the-fly edit reveals how literal the Zionists are about their myth-building, and how little leeway Obama has to break with the US Israel agenda. The war drumming against a nuclear-powered Iran invokes the specter of an annihilation of the Jews based on s supposed threat to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.” I think today’s vocab malfunction suggests that Obama knows the rest of the authentic translation reads: “to wipe the Zionist regime off the map.” With the advent of the Arab Spring, the term has become the Illegal Zionist Entity formerly know as Israel. Throw in the Apartheid qualifier and Ahmadinejad’s threat is an objective to which a greater and greater number agree.

7 thoughts on “AIPAC speechmeister Barack Obama may not be such a good liar after all

  1. This Democrat has all the leeway in the world to speak out against Israel. It’s just that the Democrats SUPPORT Israel, same as the Republicans do.

    ‘But Obama’s reflexive on-the-fly edit reveals how literal the Zionists are about their myth-building, and how little leeway Obama has to make his own speech.’

    This poor Obama, he’s held trapped prisoner by the Jews of Israel and the US stuff is just such weak bull, Eric. The US government rules over the Mid East region through a combination of supporting israel and supporting Arab dictators. Both the Democratic and Republican parties support that strategy for continued imperialist rule by the US and its European allies.

    Back to the European donkey equivalents of the Democratic Party centrists again… Here is a link to the Spanish ‘socialists of Zapatero going down in elections, because they are just like the DP here in the US. LOSERS.

    See ‘Spanish socialists suffer heavy election losses’

    You and Jonah and Ed can stay sunk in this sort of centrist gliberalism like religious fanatics, Eric, or you can break from it…

  2. Look, you supporters of the British Labor Party, the French Socialist Party, the Spanish Socialist Party, and the Democratic Party of the US are fanatically centrist and fanatic centrists, Jonah. So don’t be surprised when it gets pointed out to you. Wow.

    It’s funny, in Mexico the exact same phenomena I have seen in my wife’s family, whose men were all centrist pretenders to ‘liberalism’ all tied to identifying with the PRI, which was the old party of Mexican dictatorship. I have heard them belittling PANistas for being Right Wingers while in their own heads they thought that being proPRI was some how not.

  3. OK, I’m gone from the blog here once again. It is possible to change the behaviors of many Right Wing Republicans but the obsessive compulsive Democratic Party voter type is pretty much a lost cause, in my experience.

    And please keep screaming out at Sarah Palin all you guys want. It’s a shame really, but ‘Dumb’ Dubya pays you guys no heed these days…, chimps. And neither should I.

  4. So, “changing peoples behavior to suit your ideal of what behavior should be” isn’t in any way ummmm… Elitist?
    Just who do you think YOU are and how you would be elite enough to warrant having the right or even privilege of Changing People To Make Them Think Like You?

    I mean, when you define yourself as intellectually elite… and present as evidence that we’d better believe it or else…

    As for Sarah Palin, her own unmerited claim of Elitism has gotten 19 Americans shot down, 6 of them killed, by a fanatic follower of her racist and extremist point of view. I’ll go out on a limb here and point out that Killing People, albeit by proxy, suddenly makes it a little tiny wee minuscule bit more relevant, and makes it important to oppose that viewpoint.

  5. I’ll also go out on a limb, with that durned ol’ “fanatic centrism” and assume that you really didn’t mean you think you have a right to absolutely or even partially rule the minds of Other People.

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