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  1. Yeah, it’s sold as a kit, from Greenline. they’ve got a web page explaining details on it.

    The motors are made in China, but can you imagine what that auto-makers bailout wouldn’t have been if they had been making these instead of Hummers and Rams and other porno-named gas guzzlers? Parking problem, WHAT parking problem?

    For fuel efficiency, gas expended per passenger, it would be less efficient than a 6 passenger vehicle IF and ONLY IF the 6 passenger vehicle is only used with 6 passengers, and on the highway. (I’ve heard some pretty shaky arguments against the use of more fuel efficient vehicles in the past few decades)

    If that argument were valid, and to a point it is, then riding the bus is the ideal solution. And, yeah, that IS.
    But the Powers That Be, decided long ago to sell out to the oil and auto corporations so public-use buses weren’t heavily invested the way they should have been for the past century

    Now the argument is that the Rigged By Their Corporate Decisions transportation infrastructure would make bus and train and bike transport “unworkable”.

    That’s why Colorado, Colorado Springs, El Paso County and the Feds are expending $260 MILLION dollars to expand one road for four miles between two bus stops. (The city bus doesn’t run on that section of the road either, btw)

    The Big 3 automakers say they can’t afford to retool their plants to make buses and more efficient smaller vehicles, they lie.

    First, they make smaller vehicles and Ford, with its Cushman line, actually makes three-wheel motorcycles already, and has been since the 1920s. They also all three do make buses.
    They just don’t push those lines in their sales campaigns, instead using the aforementioned Porn Named replacement penis vehicles as their company flagships.

    Also they retool at the start of manufacture for each model year anyway, anybody who has tried to fit a part from a 1973 Coupe de Ville on a 1974 Coupe de Ville knows that.

    Short-term profit margins mean everything to them, solid investments mean bupkis. The “Invisible Hand” at work.

    We, as workers, citizens, taxpayers, we get to foot the bill for that kind of Capitalism while reaping exactly WHAT benefit? The ability to ride in a Debt-mobile that drains any hope of us making any real personal financial progress to McFatFoods to buy Unhappy Meals at vastly inflated prices?

    That reminds me, there was a Dodge Ram commercial a decade back, where that same Deep Bass voice that does the “Beef, it’s what’s Clogging your arteries and making you die twenty years early For dinner” also voiced over a commercial where a fuel efficient car is being passed by a Big, Strapping Lumberjack Fellow, “Now, what would possess a (implied: “real”) Man to drive something like that?”

    I guess it’s just because some people are truly hard core, and the rest have to blow fifty grand on a Gas Guzzler named for a sex act to mask the fact that they’re not.

  2. Man I love this bike. One thing I’m considering though, is switching the motor, they have an option for a four-cycle motor, the one onboard now is 2-cycle, which gives some performance edge, but not as fuel efficient (beats the 6 mpg in-town performance of a Hummer) and takes more maintenance than a 4 cycle.
    There’s a Wankel rotary motor that will outstrip either one in horsepower and weighs 11 ounces, they use it in radio control aircraft.

    It has “intellectual property” issues though, Wankel is still after 40 years in contention with the Mazda corporation over it.

    And so, Capital and the “free” market feast on each other’s still warm entrails.

    Like from Grandpa Jones’ “Hee Haw” skit about “Hey, Grandpa, what’s fer supper”….

    Yum, yum!

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