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Sgt Robert Bales hidden away, as George Zimmerman walks out of jail

Oh Lack of Justice USA! Military and cop impunity reigns supreme everywhere now, and the Right Wingers talk of us a being ‘free’, ‘free’as the wind! BULLSHIT! I defy anybody to find some recent any recent info about Robert Bales and how ‘the prosecution’ is doing, AND what they are doing in his case? And the effort to turn George Zimmerman’s cold blooded killing of Trayvon Martin into a plea about his own supposed victimhood reminds us of the sickening display of Norwegian Right Wing psychopath Anders Breivik’s claim to be a victim of ‘multiculturalism’. Zimmerman executed Trayvon and now the authorities are prepping the stage to let him walk free once again…. ‘legally’. Justice in the US, like Democracy itself, just doesn’t much exist. I’m totally fed up and sick of the Right Wing talking about soldiers and cops supposedly ‘keeping us free’.

He who is a thief should be called a thief, Carlos Slim!

Carlos Slim now sits atop the list of the world’s Mr. 1% billionaires with over $69,000,000,000 wealth taken from the Mexican people. Carlos Slim tops Forbes annual rich list …And to think that just a few years this thief prince was claiming before a judge in US court that he was being discriminated against due to the Anglo prejudice against Mexicans. The guy certainly has a lot of gall on top of his billions upon billions in dollars, stolen peso by peso from the impoverished masses of Mexico!

Plus, if the citizens of the US want to stop so-called ‘illegal immigration’, then why is this super criminal welcomed so eagerly into the US when he carries his fat cheeks our way North? Something is not quite right with our often richy rich anti- ‘illegal immigrant’ haters. Who could be more responsible for Mexican migration to the US than Carlos Slim? Why is he so welcome in the US then?

Why but Carlos is in cozy with the US Big Business class who stumble over themselves to claim that the US installed Mexican puppet regime is a ‘democracy’, all stamped approved by D.C. politicians hacks. Meanwhile, this same Pentagon and both Republican and Democratic Party Establishment ‘leaders’, are all totally behind pushing the Mexican government into the world wide bloody so-called US ‘War Against Drugs’, the US government political vehicle for overthrowing real Latin American democracy from ever being achieved, in every country of the Americas. Over 50,000 Mexicans have died in the last few years as a result of this D.C. mandated slaughter. The US has Mexican blood dripping all over its monuments and ‘Liberty’ statues these days.

$69 billions and still thieving away, ‘Slim’? …all due to being part of the ‘American way of life’, or make that DEATH. perhaps. We have a world where rich scoundrels rule over the rest of us who merely labor away for them, just like the slaves and feudal serfs of the past once did for their ruling classes. Carlos Slim heads up this world wide cabal of ruling class thieves, sitting at the top like one big fat pig. Oink oink, goes Carlos Slim.

And now for some comedy from Israel!

On Sunday, Israel — which has fought Syria in four wars since Israel’s statehood in 1948 — offered humanitarian assistance to Syrian citizens. “The state of the Jewish nation cannot sit still while horrors are taking place and people are losing their world in a neighboring country,” Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said. “It is our moral duty to provide aid and awake the world to stop the manslaughter.”
BORAT quotes:
Although Israel a glorious country, it have a problem, too: economic, social, and Palestinian.

My country Israel send me to United States to make movie-film. Please, come and see my film. If it not success, I will be execute.

Borat: My name i’ Borat, I come a-from Israel. Can I say a-first, we support your US War of Terror.
[crowd cheers]
Borat: May we show our support for our boys in Iraq.
[crowd cheers]
Borat: May U.S. and Israel kill every single terrorist.
[crowd cheers]
Borat: May George Bush a-drink the blood of every single man, woman, and child of Iraq.
[crowd cheers wildly]
Borat: May you destroy their country so that for the next thousand years not even a single lizard will survive in their desert.
[some of crowd still cheers]

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Jewish Nation of Israel!

The irony of seeing a wage slave dressed up as the Statue of Liberty

…Every year at this time we see a motley crew of bedraggled lower echelon wage slaves forced to be circus clowns in the name of what???? ‘LIBERTY’? I don’t think so!

It simply would be more dignified and more real about how these poor unfortunate souls must actually feel if they were dressed up in giant fried chicken suits instead, wouldn’t it? YES, only in the US do we get slaves dressed up as Statues of Liberty! To associate LIBERTY with the private company called Liberty Tax Services or US society is totally insane.

Probably half these poor types are one step from sleeping in the streets and begging outside of Walmarts… I feel so sorry for them, and how they actually have come to represent wage slavery USA more than any real thing called LIBERTY. There is no way I’d ever use this so-called ‘Liberty Tax’ service at all.

Gen. James Mattis, Obama’s choice for being head of the US Central Command

Thirty year military veteran, Brian Cloughley, writes in the latest online weekend edition of CounterPunch just exactly what he thinks about Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, who continues to head up the U.S. Central Command in Asia. The following is what he has to say in brief…

‘The fact that a psychotic moron like James Mattis is now chief of the US military’s Central Command is a depressing indication that Washington prefers smart-ass murderous dum-dums to intelligent life. Someone who finds it fun to kill people because they “ain’t got no manhood” is seriously disturbed and should not be in command of a pretzel stand. The appalling Mattis, that piece of perambulating filth — whose official photograph bears an uncanny, terrible and probably intentional resemblance to that of the disloyal, dishonorable and disastrous General Douglas MacArthur — is, quite simply, brainless beyond belief.’

He goes on to state that…

‘Moronic Marine Mattis is the typical US General of our times. He is brash, arrogant, conceited, over-promoted and incompetent. He loves killing people. His troops and aircraft killed 24 soldiers of the Pakistan army on November 26 last year in a cross-border attack, and, like his Washington admirers, he offered no apology for the catastrophe.’

Cloughley’s diagnosis about the US command occupying Afghanistan?

‘Commanders of soldiers — real leaders of men — good officers — have no difficulty in maintaining discipline and decency in their troops. It is when the rot comes from the top that vicious filth appears at the bottom.’

So I guess we can look for even more pissy US government/ Pentagon made atrocities ahead in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. It looks like we will continue to have stormy weather ahead, all thinks to the Democratic Party top leadership and their insistence in fighting old wars and beginning yet new wars of aggression in the ME and Asia. YES, the Bush Cheney crowd has long ago given up being in command of these wars, you know… We know that, don’t we? The US CIC is now Barack Obama, who is head of the Democratic Party.

To links to more of Brian Cloughley's commentaries about military issues

Mr. 1%er – Mitt Romney

Romney was walking the rope line outside of his headquarters in Charleston, S.C., just today when a person off camera asked, “What would you do to support the 99 percent, seeing as how you’re part of the 1 percent?”

Romney responded in anger saying, “If you’ve got a better model, if you think China’s better, or Russia’s better, or Cuba’s better, or North Korea’s better, I’m glad to hear all about it, but you know what, America’s right, and you are wrong.”

Right Wingers, like off shore Hedge Fund manipulator Mitt Romney, just never seem to tire in telling other, less well to do US citizens, to get out of ‘their’ USA… that is when THEIR sorry politics get challenged by decent folk. Like it really might somehow be wrong for somebody in the US to challenge this rich asshole, Romney, because North Korea is on the map, too???? How so?

So who wants an illogical but SUPER RICH moron like Mitt Romney to become prez? Anybody? The Republicans really are in a totally sorry state this election year so when we are only given morons and con artists to choose from, it really does call into question the idea that the US is actually a democracy. I don’t think the US is a democracy at all in fact…. Real democracies are not run on dollar bills and corporate corruption, are they?

The situation in American politics has become so sad these days, that many are beginning to find electing even an Ayn Rand ideologue, Ron Paul, to be their most attractive choice in the presidential race. Gag us! Talk about one step forward and two steps back. That would be getting out of the frying pan and into the pot.

Good riddance, Rick Perry

Just one week after defending the actions of US soldiers who were pissing on corpses of Afghans and laughing about it and filming it, Rick Perry has had to withdraw from the race to get the Republican nomination for President. Perry defends Marines accused of urinating on corpses Good riddance, Rick. It would be nice if the state of Texas would get rid of you, too.

The Cooking Network Deen of diabetes is in trouble

Aug 2011- Anthony Bourdain told TV Guide that Paula Deen was “the worst, most dangerous person to America,” who “revels in her unholy connections with evil corporations” and is “proud of the fact that her food is f—ing bad for you.”

Anthony for all his efforts to promote responsible cooking, then got bombarded with hate mail from the public for his comments about Paula though. So how is Paula doing these days health wise?

Just today mid January 2012 , Paula announced to the media that she had diabetes and had had it for 3 years. Paula is the Food Network chef famous for her recipe of a bacon cheeseburger served up between 2 donuts and other nasty concoctions, who also tells people to practice ‘moderation’ in their diets!

At the press conference she then also announced that diabetes or not, that she had no plans to change the way she cooks her ‘Southern food’! She says that diabetes is not a death sentence, too. So there!

Good luck, Paula… Some people (Anthony Bourdain for example) are just that stubborn. They don’t want you to be killing yourself, that’s why. FYI, ‘Fat Chef’ premiers on the Food Network starting Jan. 26th 2012! Sounds like it will be yet another very sadly funny show.

See Southern Food- Beyond the Butter for more about Paula Deen and the Food Network

Our Pissy GI ‘Heroes’

By now most of America knows that many of the idiots that the US government is putting into military uniforms are quite often enough so stupid as to film themselves doing their Pentagon directed work, killing and maiming foreigners abroad. And they are not exactly appearing as hero film stars when they do make their naughty little sociopathic home videos.

The latest youtube release has ‘our boys’ pissing on a group of dead Afghans they have just butchered, and film directors Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are very ‘distressed’ at their ‘inappropriate’ shoot of this GI pee-fest after their US government sponsored killing was done. It seems that its very very bad pr for the home team of DC’s Democrats, it does appear. Kind of stains up that message of being the good guys.

So here comes along the spin geniuses at MSNBC who go off and try to ‘explain’ to America just how these nice boys next door got to be so naughtly and nasty and out of control. What happened? Try not to laugh just too hard now, America….. since it’s really not very funny at all. MSNBC wants us to think perhaps the US killers had “PTSD’! so they pissed on the dead bodies and laughed. I can’t buy it though. Can you?

….By Jeff Black,

‘The answer to why Marines decided to urinate on dead bodies in Afghanistan could lie in the adrenaline-charged nature of combat and coping with the stresses of war, which can make behavior incredibly unpredictable, experts say. Then again, the Marines shown in a YouTube video just might be “idiots.”

“These could be pranksters with extremely bad taste, or they could have other, deeper issues, like PTSD. We don’t know,” Eugenia Weiss, a military psychologist at the University of Southern California, told…..’

PTSD, adrenaline, and ….Hey! Perhaps it’s just old fashioned racist thuggery in US military uniform? Yeah… Perhaps that’s it? And that’s why I will continue to vigil with my sign… TROOPS KILL KIDS… even though it pisses the idiots off and they get nasty and assaultive when I do. I simply do not like the racist thuggery of the US military and the troops.

US military ‘supporting types don’t like it when the truth be told. It was racist thuggery that had these soldiers urinating on the dead bodies of their ‘kill’. Do they think that they were hunting just deer? Well they weren’t. Or did they think of these Afghans as just being ‘ragheads’ and therefore the murders were nothing more than just a joke?

My WHERE’S WALDO album of DC

Yes, that’s me on the right, in the yellow sweatshirt and red cap, shouldering the Coloradans For Peace standard.

These are all photographs tweeted, flickr’d and picassa’d by others, for which my red cap and green shirt served in the background.

Watching as cameras prepare for A.N.S.W.E.R. rally in Lafayette Park

Assembling with other Coloradans for STOP THE WAR march

We’re behind the coffin with the Stars and Stripes

Reaching the White House

Police enforce perimeter around arrestees

At SDS rally in Farragut Square

Camp Out Now main canopy

Making posters in the shade.

Saturating the camp with Eric Font.

Space time capsule December 21, 1968

Earth seen by ApolloWhat does it mean that the stars we see in the sky represent light coming at us from millions of years before? The images we have of Earth, of ourselves from space, reflect a distant past too actually. Although we’re accustomed now to visualizing our planet from above, as a quilt of satellite photos wrapped around a globe, viewable from any distance on Google Earth, the actual vision they mimic is a single thoroughly ubiquitous NASA photo called “The Blue Marble.”

We have only a handful of actual pictures of our planet, taken during the lunar expeditions Apollo 8-17, between 1968 and 1972. Together they allow our minds to conjure our blue globe selves floating against the continuum of space, but they’re also snapshots of the past, of home forty or so years ago.

That’s not just our planet set against the dark universe, that’s you, spinning along. Were you looking up toward the astronauts on their mission as these pictures were taken? You might have watched the launch at Cape Canaveral and hours later thought about the first men to leave Earth’s orbit.

The above photo isn’t the “Blue Marble.” The image above differs from the photo taken by Apollo 17 on Pear Harbor Day, December 7, 1972. That photograph was the first to capture the Earth in full sunlight, but it showed only the Southern Hemisphere. I wanted to chose one where you’re in the picture.

The above image is the first photograph of Earth taken from space, snapped by Apollo 8 as it left for the moon, Saturday, December 21st, 1968. If you were in North America at the time, you’re at the lower right.

If you don’t remember where you were around noon on the winter solstice in 1968, here’s a subsequent photograph they took on their eighth orbit around the moon. It’s the first “Earthrise” seen by man. That was December 24, 1968, a date for which you probably have additional family snapshots.

NASA Apollo 8 orbits the moon

What became of Ludlow DEATH SPECIAL

Early urban assault vehicle used to suppress miner strikes at Ludlow and Forbes camps in Colorado
One of the weapons deployed against the striking miners of Ludlow, was an early armored car nicknamed the “Death Special.” Its steel plated sides emboldened mine guards to run their mounted machine gun through the union camps. What became of the intimidating machine? Does it sit in a prairie museum, or was its metal armor recycled? Recycled, definitely.

The Death Special was improvised by the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency who were the hired strike-breakers, and built at CF&I’s own steel works to use against its striking employees. At Ludlow the steel-plated vehicle was driven alongside and through the tent colony, its searchlight used to harass the sleeping strikers. Its guns took shots at the tents which left haphazard victims killed or maimed.

World Wars One and Two produced many armored vehicle designs, but the Baldwin-Felts model was unique for being a civilian model. You can recognize its lines in the modern urban assault vehicles which metropolitan police departments have determined to arm themselves, in the war against what, meth-lab pill-boxes?

No, these armored police cars are deployed against public protest, in the name of riot-control. By their paint jobs, neither camouflage nor emergency neon, they are obviously intended to intimidate. If the Baldwin-Felts and Pinkertons are going to reinvent themselves as Blackwater and Triple Canopy, why not also their weapons of choice?

Virginia State Troopers protect Crystal City from antiwar protesters
This one was used to mark the line over which the A.NS.W.E.R. marchers were not to cross, when they marched against the Pentagon and its weapons suppliers in Washington DC.

Aurora City Police deploy urban assault vehicle against peaceful demonstration
This vehicle was bought by the Aurora Police Department, out of the $50 million allocated to Denver for security for the 2008 DNC. Notice on its intimidating black sides, it says “Emergency Rescue.”

Deployed downtown Denver at the 2008 DNC
Here it is aimed at you.

Riot police facing off the RNC demonstrations
St. Paul at the RNC.

DPD armored emergency rescue unit at night