Occupy Colo. Springs suffers SECOND ARREST for camping outside permit

Jack arrested for erecting tent in Acacia Park
COLORADO SPRINGS- Tonight’s 11 O’clock arrest in Acacia Park was the second for #OCCUPYCS. As contentious GAs can attest, the self-delegated city-liaison executive-members are fighting a losing battle with a dissenting membership determined to grow the OWS protest by stressing inclusion and enlarging the encampment to beyond the city-permitted canopies.

Five cruisers and one unmarked vehicle responded to call

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2 Responses to Occupy Colo. Springs suffers SECOND ARREST for camping outside permit

  1. Avatar ed billings says:

    This could be the only news we see about this

  2. Avatar Jason says:

    Actually I am not self-appointed anything. The hats that I wear for the movement were given to me by the group. When I came on board a lot needed to be done so I did it! The focus here should be on the fact that we are one of two cities out of over 2500 cities worldwide to have a permit. A big part of the movement is to get the government to once again be by the people, for the people. By the city coming to us and then accepting everything that we asked for they are in fact working for us! We encourage everyone and exclude no one! Please, for the sake of the movement quit spreading misinformation! Peace

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