Sulzman Weekly Rush Hour Bannering

No expansion at Ft Carson and Pinon Cayon
COLORADO SPRINGS- We covered all corners and medians at the intersection of Nevada and Uintah for a Rush Hour Bannering against adding Apache helicopters to Ft Carson’s 4th Cav, organized by Bill Sulzman –Next week: Nevada Ave and I-25, Friday 4:30pm.

End the war now - Tax $ War Junkies

Stop Ft Carson expansion

Coloradans For Peace

No more helicopters at Ft Carson

Food not bombs or helicopters

More military means economy tanks

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7 Responses to Sulzman Weekly Rush Hour Bannering

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I have some pics I haven’t sent yet, Sorry for being so slow.

  2. Avatar Wow says:

    Wow, a Colorado Springs resident that complains that the military is here? You have to be kidding. Obviously you dont like living here.. because without all the military in this area.. there would be no Colorado Springs… Think about it…

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    @wow It would still be Colorado Springs, Realistically Speaking I don’t think the Military is going anywhere. Like it or not Colorado Springs is part of the United States of America and We will exercise our constitutional right to speak out against tossing the ranchers out like human garbage just so that another brigade can be added which by the way is in areas farther south of Colorado Springs…..the next thing you know the landscape will be gone if this keeps up.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The springs for which we’re named are being poisoned. Not slowly either, and a lot of that done by the military presence. Selling the land in little pieces, and the people selling it and the water and the air, are destroying it. With the blessings and the backing of the Military.

    This is of course only one place among many, that have been done thus.
    Shouldn’t complain if it’s happening to thousands of other places in the world, right?

    Bruce Gagnon writes in his blog:

    I’ve written alot about the problem on Jeju Island in South Korea. But there are other islands in the Pacific that are undergoing tremendous expansion by the Pentagon and I think it is important to remind people about the larger strategy underway.

    In a 2005 article entitled Pentagon begins military buildup on Guam the author wrote, “With China looming as a potential adversary and thousands of Marines moving out of Japan over the next several years, the Pentagon is turning its eye to Guam, the westernmost U.S. territory and an attractive launching pad for Pacific operations.”

    Later in the piece this appeared: “Guam and other U.S. land in the Pacific provide one major advantage over stationing troops in friendly countries: It is territory the military does not have to negotiate access to, said Robert Work, a naval analyst at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.”

    “All of the islands that we own over time — if we’re going to be operating in the Pacific a lot — will tend to be very, very important,” Work said.

    The Pentagon wants to expand operations on Guam so it can host aircraft carriers, drones, and thousands more troops. New environmentally pristine and sacred lands are slated to be taken over for the increased military presence.

    It has been difficult for the people of Guam to oppose U.S. militarism because it was America that liberated the island from the brutal Japanese colonization. But a growing movement to resist U.S. base expansion is happening and people are increasingly thinking and talking more about what their “status” should be.

    Michael Lujan Bevacqua lives on Guam and teaches at a local university. I met him last year when we both traveled around South Korea together. He helps to organize opposition to the expansion of U.S. militarism on Guam and has an interesting blog called “No rest for the awake.”

    In one of his recent posts he talked about this issue of colonial status:

    Guam is one of the last “official” colonies left in the world and the fact that we are so clueless about our status and so apathetic as an island to changing it is a travesty. We are a colony in denial about being a colony and sometimes it seems that our number one industry is neither military nor tourism, but rather making up excuses as to why it is either alright or necessary that we remain a colony.

    This is understandable given that Guam is a pretty “comfortable” colony, but that does not change the fact that Guam’s relationship to the US is fundamentally not one of equality, but of ownership. Although Guam is the recipient of “state-like” treatment, we are not a state, we are a possession, an unincorporated territory, and so while we may want to feel that our relationship to the US is just like any state, any other corner of America, it is not, and we do ourselves little good by pretending it is otherwise.

    Despite what most may think, our political status is not a minor issue, but literally affects everything on this island. Where you stand on Guam’s current colonial status and what you think (or don’t think) about what should happen next goes to the core of how you are a person of Guam. How you live here, what you feel about this place, what you think it’s capable of and where you think it should go next.

    I like what Michael is doing here. He has decolonized his mind and is now offering others the challenge to do the same. This is a necessary first-step in making it possible for people to begin to think about how they feel about their beautiful and peaceful island being one more “power projection hub” for the U.S. military empire.

    Jeju Island off the coast of Korea, another Spirit Home much like Guam and much like Colorado Springs and much like the Black Hills, taken over by the U.S. Military and destroyed.

    Congratulations, Army Dude, your comrades might just be the ones who finally kill the entire earth.
    Why stop with Not Decimating, “decimating” means only killing a tenth of any group wiping out whole cultures, not just individual tribes, using not just bullets and blades but Biological Warfare against Americans, deliberately.

    The Gifts of Columbus, maybe you’ve heard of them? Measles, Smallpox, Tuberculosis? Columbus introduced them accidentally. The U.S. and British Armies used them deliberately, actually selling the blankets to the Indian nations, the ones stripped from the deathbeds of Smallpox patients.
    By that time centuries had passed and they knew God-Damn well that Smallpox and measles were almost universally lethal to Indians.

    How many more Americans will they kill in their greed?
    Jeju Island in Korea is called “the island of peace” but they’ve seized the governance of the entire island, told the Native People to shut up and conform and obey their orders or else…
    For a missile base.
    They’ve beaten and arrested any who stood in their way, what more will they do? Mass executions if the people continue to resist?

    is that what they’re going to do to any of the pinon canyon ranchers who resist? Drag them off their land in chains or maybe just Murder them on the spot? They’ve done it before, that’s the way they got the land for Ft Carson in the first fucking place.

    What a proud tradition they uphold.

  5. Avatar Mark says:

    you protesting idiots suck – you treated us like crap when i was a soldier at ft carson in the late 80’s and i see nothing has changed in 20 years. you are so full of hate that you don’t know a good thing when you see it. i crewed cobras from 1987-1991 @ ft carson and i spent every damn dime i made in your backwards little town and to repay you threw rocks at us when we walked down the street because you were angry about the 1st gulf war. go suck it you pinko scum.

  6. Avatar Tyler says:

    The very same helicopters that you were so against, were the exact same helicopters that bravely fought the black forest fires; protecting the homes of the local area. And most recently, those “evil” helicopters rescued over 1,000 boulder county citizens from the floods. Imagine if they hadn’t been here…maybe they could have floated down the rivers on your signs?

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