Tent monster who occupied Walmart

OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- The occupation continued this weekend at the Walmart on Powers & Palmer Park. We took special care not to make shoppers feel guilty, who’d already turned in, or coming out of the store, hurriedly checking items off their to-do lists. Instead we directed our BOYCOTT WALMART banners at the rush of consumers driving by, many of whom gave us honks of support.

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  1. Avatar Logan says:

    The Walton Family Foundation is a backer of vouchers, which will privatize public schools, and compel Americans to support religion with tax dollars. Every Right Wing, authoritarian, mysogynistic, xenophobic preacher will start a school and get money for it. Chase Bank has donated over $300,000,000 to the cause of Charter Schools, smelling a way to make money. ALEC? It too wants to privatize education. http://www.au.org/church-state/september-2010-church-state/featured/voucher-varlets

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