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Tent monster who occupied Walmart

OCCUPIED COLORADO SPRINGS- The occupation continued this weekend at the Walmart on Powers & Palmer Park. We took special care not to make shoppers feel guilty, who’d already turned in, or coming out of the store, hurriedly checking items off their to-do lists. Instead we directed our BOYCOTT WALMART banners at the rush of consumers driving by, many of whom gave us honks of support.

One thought on “Tent monster who occupied Walmart

  1. The Walton Family Foundation is a backer of vouchers, which will privatize public schools, and compel Americans to support religion with tax dollars. Every Right Wing, authoritarian, mysogynistic, xenophobic preacher will start a school and get money for it. Chase Bank has donated over $300,000,000 to the cause of Charter Schools, smelling a way to make money. ALEC? It too wants to privatize education.

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