Walmart: Strike you goddamn morons!

Finally, finally Walmart slave-wage workers are marching, on their off hours, picketing their stores. Finally. It’s tempting to get out there and hold signs in support, but where were they when we were protesting Walmart ourselves? The pathetic Walmart “associates” couldn’t be convinced we weren’t jeopardizing the source of their livelihoods. Except their jobs aren’t livelihoods. Even as Walmarts in more and more cities face a growing uprising, I’m not convinced that our local workforce can wise up beyond agitating to medicate their lives with pot or jumping at the chance to scab each other’s part-time hours.

3 thoughts on “Walmart: Strike you goddamn morons!

  1. AvatarTony Logan

    ‘I’m not convinced’ that calling workers at Walmart ‘morons’ is anything other than desperate personal anger on your own part, Eric. It does get frustrating being almost the only person in town that wants to do anything to try to change things for the better, but….

  2. EricEric

    You’re right Tony. So let’s see if Colorado Springs’ UFCW can rise to the occasion and wake local Walmart workers.

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