PICS- Waldo Canyon Fire Class Warfare

Waldo Canyon Fire began as the Pyramid Mountain Fire on June 22
MANITOU SPRINGS, CO- More likely one too many McMansions underwater with their mortgage. You wonder how many have their fingers crossed, wishing against why most have our fingers crossed.

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3 Responses to PICS- Waldo Canyon Fire Class Warfare

  1. Avatar Michael Davenport says:

    Are you fucking kidding me with this shit!? McMansions! My daughters house is down there you fuck! It’s people like you that erode any kind of sense of civility or even just common god damned decency! A lot of people are losing a lot right now. Maybe you should shut the fuck up about and think about lending a hand instead of just judging people!

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Obviously these photos were posted before the first burned homes made observations seem irreverent.

    If you didn’t know what McMansions are, you need only have asked. The average home in Cedar Heights (pictured) can house 2.3 American families, including their cars.

    I’m sorry if your daughter or any other sainted Colorado Springs resident took undue offense.

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    The fire. It’s heartfelt and tragic – no matter whether a home-owner or a resident of Colorado or a passive observer from another area. The fire damage is atrocious.

    The fire-fighters deserve acclaim. The community volunteers deserve acclaim. The victims deserve help. This is the obvious. What is beyond?

    Currently Colorado imports almost all of the wood products we use, from home building to paper products. Perhaps the future damage of these fire disasters could be limited by supporting alternate sources of energy.

    When all is said and done, and this year’s fires, like the Hayman disaster prior, are extinguished, will we try to learn how to prevent the fires? Consider the green alternatives that includes money and better stewardship for the forests and communities around them.

    Obviously sustainable energy comes in many forms. Here’s a link to think about. Many more exist. Give “tomorrow” a thought when you can. Take care.

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