Do you Facebook? You’re a Yahoo

What is Facebook worth? To whom does it belong? Reigning property right schemes aren’t reciprocal to Facebook’s actual content providers. Maybe an outrageous IPO will prompt a user’s bill of rights and a new intellectual rights paradigm, monetizing the net to flow outward instead of inward to the cyber 1%. Facebook is the whole world in a filing cabinet, but they’re your files, and you’re the volunteer file clerk. Facebook is Yahoo outsourced basically, because Google is too complicated for thought-overwhelmed people. Yahoo mapped the known internet, Google rationalized the database, but the social networking outfits calculated that interests could be predicted along personal ties. We’re sheep after all, and we only want to follow where the flock is going. While Twitter’s cues comes at you like Space Invaders, Facebook provided the blinders and rear view mirrors to coax the reluctant along, and resurrected the virtual community of the World Wide Web’s first internment camp, AOL. This time when everyone is comfortably corralled, it will be interesting to see what becomes of the web’s open range.

2 thoughts on “Do you Facebook? You’re a Yahoo

  1. No offense, but you’re stretching a bit to call everyone who uses facebook a yahoo.

    Have you considered that for the system to be changed, we need to preach to more than the choir? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Following the crowd just to follow them may be Ovine behavior… but going to where the people are is the only way to educate, inform, and spread the message. Twitter and Google are valuable resources.. but when it comes to having a HUGE platform for educating the masses and free themselves from a lifetime of gov/corp indoctrination.. they aren’t worth a damn.

    Yes, I know I put myself out in the open and on a lot of watchlists by being vocal there.. but perhaps that’s the sacrifice that some of us must make?

  2. Helena, obviously I contorted the pun. I meant that Facebook users do the work for which Yahoo used to pay.

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