Is there a Solution to the Crooked Cop?

There is a simple solution to the ‘Crooked Cop” and “Killer Cop” that America is infected with. It is a plagued, but like all plagues there is a cure. In every major city across America, young men and women will be recruited, their identity will be protected, these recruits will be squeaky clean and above reproach. Their assignment will be documented at the start of this program. They will then apply for a position with their local law enforcement with the purpose to gather information and document all incidents of criminal abuse within the department.

They will be working undercover and protected by a nation governing body. At the end of one year, a report will be published with national support. All those cops who are identified will be dismissed and charge with their respective crimes just as any citizen is charged.

In a free and democratic society, no one is above the law. The choice is now yours; you can remain silent or you can come forward and say I will support this program with something more than a comment.

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