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How Beastly-Animals in Revolt…

Also titled “Unbearable” and “revolting animals”.
The story,
COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio – A bear attacked and killed its caretaker at the home of a man who kept a menagerie of dangerous, exotic beasts and ran afoul of animal regulators a few years ago by staging wrestling matches between bears and humans.
How wonderful. By the way, they offed the bear too.
Like Momma Bear in Yellowstone. Forget Teddy Ruxpin and Paddington and Winnie the Pooh. Those are toys and works of pure anthropomorphic fiction.
Bears are NOT humans and don’t even think the way humans do, otherwise they’d take the guns from the first three or four humans and the rest would be horrendous.

The bear in the attack southwest of Cleveland was not one that owner Sam Mazzola had used for wrestling, officials said. His license to show animals had been revoked, but he still kept dozens of bears, wolves, tigers, lions and perhaps coyotes. The state said Mazzola had no violations for owning animals under Ohio regulations.

The bear was out of its cage for its feeding Thursday evening by 24-year-old Brent Kandra, “which was normal for this particular bear because the caretaker and the owner had been around it so much,” Lorain County Sheriff’s Capt. James Drozdowski said. Mazzola used a fire extinguisher to force the bear back into its cage.

“We don’t know whether something startled the bear or what prompted the bear to get aggressive with the caretaker,” Drozdowski said.

Kandra, of Elyria, died Friday morning at MetroHealth Medical Center, the coroner’s office in Cleveland said. The coroner said the tentative cause of death was “sharp and blunt injuries to the body consistent with a bear attack.”

Ahem… “we don’t know what provoked the bear to attack”. Oh, yes you do, piggo. Stop LYING for once in your misbegotten life. Bears are meant to be wandering around the woods eating, sleeping and yes, shitting. They play when they want, sleep when they want, eat when they can. They don’t take to captivity, any more than people do. They are very intelligent, very strong and armed with tooth, claw and a skeletomuscular structure that can flip cars over just for shits and giggles. They are not toys, not pets and not supposed to be doing stupid shit like wrestling with humans for the amusement of demented rednecks.

On a schedule. A human timetable schedule is as alien to just any animal as flapping our arms and flying to the moon would be to us. You want a pet get a dog. Or a cat, and be prepared to spend the rest of that animals life taking care of it.

I mean, come the Hell on. You teach a bear to wrestle, how do you do that? Rewards when he’s a good slave-inmate and does what the boss man tells him, punishment… now, what kind of punishment would be used on a BEAR? What the fuck gives any human a right to Punish a Wild Animal?

This kind of treatment doesn’t work on penitentiary inmates either. Deprive a free soul of its liberty and that soul will never forgive you for it. People aren’t natural born slaves, that’s why in a slavery system like the Penitentiary there are slave rebellions and slave escapes.

Whether you believe that a human being deserves to be kept in bondage will not change the FACT that people rebel against being kept in bondage.

Bears even more so.

But they killed the bear. Seems it’s “unnatural” and “crazy” for an intelligent wild animal to rebel against captivity.

Are all the SEALS cowardly torture freak Perverts, or just these bastards?

Another Torturer let off the hook by a Bush-appointee “prosecutor”. I was going to edit the “cowardly” part out of the title, but then, beating a bound and helpless person isn’t exactly a hallmark of courage “Perverts” because people who beat and torture prisoners, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, the El Paso County CJC, are in fact rapists. They get sexually aroused from the pain of others, and the more helpless their victims, the better they enjoy it.

The SEALS are supposedly top of the line, most highly trained Murderers in the world So were the SchutzStaffel in their day.

There’s less and less differences between them every passing day. Not only did these Perverts bring shame to themselves, but any of their comrades who allowed them to do it and helped them “get away” with it. If the SEALS don’t have enough pride, dignity and courage to purge their ranks of low-life scum like that, then the SEALS by their own actions call themselves cowards.

To say that your victims are Unlawful Combatants ignores the fact that YOUR OWN part in the war is unlawful. Your commander in Thief started a war based on lies, and you willingly obeyed. You’re in their countries killing, robbing, raping and torturing them, that makes YOU the Unlawful Combatants, and if you’re judged according to the judgment which you mete out, then that’s how it will be. Like your Mercenary Terrorist comrades who got hanged on the bridge at Fallujah and lit on fire.

Am I supposed to plea for you to obtain mercy, when you give none? Or maybe to keep silent on your crimes and thus, support them by passive acceptance?

The way the Navy and indeed, the rest of the Military support these rapists.

The Tag Editor originally put in “Interrogation” when I typed “torture”. The sick perverts weren’t interrogating anybody, they were getting their Sexual Giggles from TORTURE. Pure and simple.