Spotted at Denver #BlackLivesMatter march: police gun mocking public fear of lethal force

DENVER, COLORADO- It may not have been the motorcycle cop who was overheard at Sunday’s #BlackLivesMatter march -commemorating the one-year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson- telling a fellow officer “they’re upset about a Nigger who was killed”, but one DPD biker photographed had decorated his sidearm with flair one might hope wasn’t standard-issue. Stuck on the handle of his Glock was a variant of a smiley emoticon which mocked the apprehension a subject might feel upon seeing the unholstering of lethal force.

Photo by Patrick Jay

5 thoughts on “Spotted at Denver #BlackLivesMatter march: police gun mocking public fear of lethal force

  1. I should buy one of those for my Smith & Wesson Glock 357 gen 6. Great work Eric Verlo! Without you to construct complex concepts from emojis, people might not vilify the people who put their lives on the line every day to protect us! Some people might assume a police officer were there to maintain peace and safety, but you saw through it all and, with your extremely well researched 70 word paragraph, you showed us all that officer’s TRUE intentions!

  2. I’m a witness to a police MURDER of a REAL man in Canyon City. They”re pigs. Not men. I blame their mothers. Because they were to stupid or lazy to have abortions. Make of it as you wish. The Fremont Co pigs beat John Christopher Walter, age 54, and our illustrious Mayor who was the State AG at the time, the El Paso Sheriff Maketa and his successor Elder and the Coroner tried their best to kill the evidence. If you worship the pigs the way you say, you must be a coward like them. Same with the Denver PIGS beating Marvin Booker to death because (the PIGS explanation) he came out of his cell, where he was incarcerated for being homeless and black, without his shower shoes. That’s what ALL cops are like that. you no likey me no givey Damn. Happy holidays.

  3. That’s “beat John Walter TO DEATH.’ The main torturers/ad hoc executioners were Sgt Greene, Cpl Maas and Cpl Hudspeth. I’m glad you believe that talking back or otherwise disobeying you or other pigs is a capital offense, makes it easier to hate you. Punk.

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