Enbridge Dakota Access Pipeline and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stopped by who else but Standing Rock Sioux

Native American activists have been converging in North Dakota to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline which is encroaching without permission on tribal lands. They’ve delayed construction though the industry already secured an injunction against them. Their main complaint is that it threatens their water. Fittingly the first step authorities took against the growing protest was to take their water. Purportedly because some campers were allegedly endangering corporate surveillance planes with laser pointers.

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1 Response to Enbridge Dakota Access Pipeline and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stopped by who else but Standing Rock Sioux

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Now that’s what I’m sayin’. I have no experience writing a petition, but I’d like to get either A) a statement from each of the Duopoly candidates… not that it would have any meaning to them… even though each is preaching “energy independence” and backing the pipeline land thieves all the way. Here’s another picture painted with words. The Colorado Department of Corrections is hosting training for pipeline jobs.

    So if you’re a good little sorry sell-out inmate you can get a quicker parole and you, too, can be taking the people from the land.

    Let’s look at that scenario from the back side. If you don’t want to work on the pipeline jobs you rot in jail longer. Or on intensive supervision parole.

    Carrot and stick all at once.

    It sounds off-topic, so let me pull it back in. Natives are more likely, per capita, to spend time in the Iron Box than White Anglo Saxons. So between the Government and their subsidized Oil Company masters, the pipeline is being pushed by pitting Indians against Indians. Something that’s a recurring tactic.

    How much would you like to bet they’re papering the rez with pamphlets about having a great career working for the pipeline? All you have to do is sign away your heritage….

    Done before, done again.

    If the petition idea works, maybe we can get at least one candidate to make some kind of racist comment and the not-really-other side making weasel words. Hmmm….

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