Insightful photos of Hillary Trump

Hillary TrumpI’ve been laughing at this photo for so long now that I’m not certain it is a photoshop mashup. It may be possible that Hillary and the Donald share the same face. Their only difference is gender, maybe. Hillary feminists are counting on their candidate’s inherent maternal instinct to subvert her just one of the boys warhawkish temperment. I’m not convinced sociopathology reflects gender. If we want a bonafide benevolent mother, we might start with one that hasn’t authored mass infanticide.

Hillary Trump

Donald Clinton

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2 Responses to Insightful photos of Hillary Trump

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    It would be Hillary-ous if it weren’t for the nuclear weapons. And that massive stockpile of nerve gas on (basically) the other side of Cheyenne Mountain. And the commander of Fart Cartoon telling all of us to mind our own business about the DU in our water supply. It was ten years ago but it seems like a decade. Where did the time go? Actually, the DU question came up while I was in Texas, so more than ten years. Deja vu over and over.

  2. Avatar david anderson says:

    Thanks for posting!..way to funny and truthful, if we had to vote by photo rather than name I’m sure many would pull the wrong lever.

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