Political transparency is for meddlers

Vladimir Putin apparently hacked the presidential election. So say intelligence pundits estranged by Tump’s Washington brain-trust transplant. True or not, what they’re saying is that bringing transparency to the election process and the behind the scenes emails which affirm its undemocratic nature, is meddling. What a laugh to hear DNC operatives say they feel “sucker-punched” that their off-the-record slurs of condescention were made public. And of course how rich of the US regime to accuse anyone of meddling in another country’s elections.

5 thoughts on “Political transparency is for meddlers

  1. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Using violence or threats of violence to influence religious, social or political systems is called Terrorism by the State and Defense (holy shit that’s an Orwellian title) Dept’s . Except when select puppet governments do it. Free pass.

    Do you know, in Colorado it’s a felony to talk mean to people? It’s called ‘menacing’. Again with exempted persons who do it, daily. Exceptionalism must be … ummm… adjectives… hummmm…

    must be a hell of a trip judging by the smug faces of its practitioners.

  2. I kind of enjoy being an outsider on this election. There wouldn’t be enough bleach in the universe to wash the bullshit away.

  3. Hey Eric, been a long time since I have visited and commented here, I have created a Hitler Parody of Donald Trump, I should do the same parody of Vlad Mir Putin helping to rig the election…..Here is My portrayal of Donald Trump….Now it’s Putin’s turn…..
    Here is what happens when Donald Trump gets butt hurt about Saturday Night Live lampooning Him, I will email the version of Putin being portrayed as Adolph Hitler, I will send it to the Russian Embassy as well as trying to see how I can Email it to Donald Trump….This is a good article.
    Here is the Hitler Parody of Donald Trump I uploaded

  4. Right on! Run with the Saturday Night Live and “Hamilton” diatribes and threats of litigation. I mean, he goes hog wild with libel and slander suits but why not a lawsuit against the Neo-Nazis whose endorsement he not very loudly or vehemently declined. He’s being way out of character on that business.

    Anybody else and he would have the New York Courts, which he obviously bought decades ago, take their websites, bank accounts, the whole nine yards. He’s neither nice nor easily forgiving.

    He needs a putsch errr I mean “push” in the left direction, like, all that’s left after he rejects racism. If he rejects racism. I don’t see it actually happening but I for one would have a jolly good time with it.

  5. Here’s a suggestion for some street theater on Inauguration day.

    Zombies wearing campaign tee-shirts. Have some saying Trump is Messiah. or have the zombies chant it. He has a weak spot in his Bluffing Game. The more scared he gets the louder and more pedantic he becomes. It would be entertaining for me to shore up my limited expertise on poker rules and, you know, see if the theory is correct.

    But he is really thick skinned and will go from zero to crybaby in 1.3 seconds.

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