Putting Donald Trump into perspective

If we must yield to Godwin’s Law in hyperbolizing about the less lesser of weasel presidential candidates, let’s agree that Trump is not Hitler, neither by villany, political accumen, IQ, nor charisma. If Trump is a Nazi he’s a dead ringer for Nazi blowhard Hermann Göring, self-aggrandizing Lord Fontleroy of the Luftwaffe, minus the hair.

2 thoughts on “Putting Donald Trump into perspective

  1. You know, this is a very intense and exciting time. Not as fun-type exciting as say, meeting a fresh lover or a friend you knew long ago.

    More like scary. I mean, we have two major candidates each of whom could be, simply by the position each has, a desperate bid by his-her own party that the world is on the verge of something so completely fucked up that their own party doesn’t want to be blamed for it. Like, for once everybody suddenly Did The Math and clearly understands the peril. Drought famine pestilence and war have hit the world many times even in my own short time, but before, every time, most people didn’t actually see it coming.

    at least not in such clear and easily understood terms. A perfect storm like the economies of the world being stretched beyond control so far by a really big war, coupled simultaneously with an ecological “correction” like Europe and Eurasia and Asia and Africa and the Americas experiencing crop failures, in Europe people couldn’t even fall back on root vegetables like turnips and almost as easy to grow Cabbage. And the “spanish” flu.

    What if the two major parties are shitting white right about now because they have something apocalyptic that’s even beyond the really frightening perils the commoners already know? Are the Trumps and Clintons and Bush family all ready, have their luggage packed and desperately looking for somewhere in the world that WON’T be demolished? Are the big-pigs finally scared and what might be scaring them?

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