Trump conjures COVFEFE, Kim Jong-Un coins DOTARD. Who’s the madman?

Turns out much-maligned bad guy Kim Jong-Un has upped the Western media’s very best efforts to lampoon our imbecile madman-in-chief. Is North Korea’s dictator an immature despotic bumbling statesman? Hardly. What happened the last time the US accused an adversary of having nuclear weapons, then make them disarm until they hadn’t so much as a SCUD left? Once fully de-horned, we invade them. Rivals to US hegemony have only one option. Kim Jong-Un’s.

1 thought on “Trump conjures COVFEFE, Kim Jong-Un coins DOTARD. Who’s the madman?

  1. Yeah, AP just published the headline basically “what the hell is a dotard” and said millions of Americans were scrambling for their dictionaries.

    I don’t need a dictionary for that. Sh#t, man, have you not read the Lord of The Rings trilogy? Dotard is a term for somebody suffering Senile Dementia. Kim speaks English better than Trump speaks Korean, so do I. Apparently Kim speaks English better than Trump. So do I. So do a sh#tload of people and not just in America, where Trump’s mentally deficient-with-loud-mouths-and-no-user-guides-on-how-to-operate-the Mouth…. demand that everybody in the world learn to speak English BEFORE being driven into exile by the Corporate Wars fought for the benefit of Wall Street.

    Chump is stupid and possibly senile. What’s the excuse for his Cultic Followers? I know they don’t understand math or logic or basic English, even in a country which pre- DeVos had Public Education and For Free… They didn’t take advantage of that. I popped it to this discussion because the AP one said Millions of Americans (including Trump’s Cabinet) were “scrambling for their dictionaries.” and the java app yahoo uses wouldn’t redirect to that forum. Which has 5000 responses. I spent a lot of my life, 40 years. in Texas. A lot of that was in Ft Worth, Euless, Arlington and even a trailer park in Forest Hill and on a ranch in Keene for a very brief time. The last time I was in Tarrant County (where all but one of the towns listed are located) was 3 years ago. Tarrant County has a 75% white majority and 50% of the people in Tarrant Co are functionally illiterate.

    For anybody who understands basic algebra that would be shocking, unless you actually lived there very often or very long. For White Supremacists like Trumps Klowns that means in simple English “y’all are stupid, get used to it.” For people who follow such trends, if as the Supremacists claim the non-whites are ALL illiterate (which we are NOT) that would also mean that 33.333 … % are illiterate. Since the ignorance appears to me is about the same rate among all communities, that means higher rates in the Supreme Race population.

    In case anybody wants to know how enough people voted for him to swing the the Electoral College, which essentially gives Some actual one-person/one-vote persons have their single votes to count MORE than another one-person voter. Trumpistas know as much about or less Math than they do about the English language which they want everybody to speak.

    When I was visiting or living in the predominantly Spanish areas, I could go to any store, restaurant or laundromat they would have signs up in spanish saying that a school was open for adults and children to learn English at a modest fee and with flexible schedules, and the other sign would be for bilingual people to be hired as teachers. Which would blow very large holes in the assertions of the Racists that Spanish speaking immigrants don’t even try to learn English, and would disprove the assertion they were all on welfare and other outright LIES. Instead they’ll counter with empty threats and really useless nicknames like libtard, snowflake, rocket man… because that’s what their Masters tell them to say, and they are also told to never engage in polite conversation or serious debate. Their masters know they would LOSE… or rather, the foot-soldiers would win because they would become educated and the Leaders would lose because they wouldn’t have as many shock-troops.

    People who speak Spanish as a first language can tell that I’m not Spanish, but the American Cops and Minutemen and Border Patrol and other extreme racists can’t.

    H#ll, Spanish speakers can tell where I grew up, they’ll say “Esta Tecano verdad? which means You must be from Texas. They can tell that when I speak French, German and Cherokee. I suspect Korean people can spot it when I speak my very limited Korean which I learned in Tae Kwon Do… in Ft Worth.
    My spanish is enough to get by. The others I can basically say “I speak very little of your language, please do you speak English or Spanish”. Notice that I don’t TELL them to speak English, I f###ing ASK.

    That’s called courtesy. Dignity for both parties. Trump and his disciples think that’s too much for them to understand and they say so, loudly and often.

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