Not The People v. Stephen Nalty and Steven Byfield. Right to an Unfair Trial.

Paper Terrorists Tried in Juvenile CourtDENVER, COLORADO– The trial of accused “Paper Terrorists” Stephen Nalty and Steve Byfield began Monday in courtroom 2H of Denver district court. The two face 28 odd charges, from conspiracy, criminal enterprise, to racketeering, brought by the Colorado Attorney General and the FBI.

And they’re defending themselves. In handcuffs.

Don’t worry, they’re holding their own. But already it’s day one and authorities are piling on every disadvantage. On Monday the defendants were cheated of being able to prevent the state from stacking the jury (and the defendants don’t even know it because they weren’t in the courtroom to see it done).

Watching the court clerks and lawyers prepare for the trial, you cannot but admire their civil spirit. In every hearing Nalty and Byfield have declined advisements and refused to recognize the authority of their adjudicators. The two sound like broken records about “oaths” and sovereign stuff, yet the judicial mechanism inches forward. It should of course, because the defendants have been jailed since MARCH.

For six months Nalty and Byfield have been held on $350,000 bonds. Neither of them can afford even the interest on those sums. Of course their indictment and prosecution is a travesty and a misappropriation of public resources, but how else could the state stop their criminal enterprise except to admit wrongdoing itself?

Nalty and Byfield are being railroaded and they’re sure a jury will conclude the same.

The People’s Grand Jury
For the last few years, among a team of eight “sovereign citizen” types, Nalty and Byfield have been serving judges and other public officials with legal papers and liens which achieved no response. Until Colorado’s attorney general enlisted the FBI to squash the “criminal enterprise.” The sovereigns face 28 charges of all the racketeering and conspiracy lingo, essentially for questioning why their local magistrates and officials had no oaths or bonds on file. When the sovereigns got no response, they formed a “People’s Grand Jury” to indict the violators with their ad hoc public courts. Then they’d file commercial liens against those accused for defrauding the public in violation of Article 6 of the US constitution.

When confronted from podiums, judges and lawmen dismiss the oath requirement out of hand, but it’s interesting that none spell out exactly what law supersedes the US Constitution. News articles about the Paper Terrorists list the litany of criminal charges the defendants face, but have yet to mention the asserted law-breaking which is the Paper Terrorists’ only complaint.

It is hard to get a handle on what the “People’s Grand Jury” really wants. In their dreams, they assert that the lack of filing of oaths should mean that all affected legal judgements should be overturned, and that all salaries drawn by government employees who did not file oaths or bonds should be returned to taxpayers, with interest. They calculate the total sum owed to the American people is in the multi trillions. So there’s that.

Some of the public officials targeted by the People’s Grand Jury began to suffer strikes against their credit records when they didn’t contest liens filed against them. You’d think the credit monitoring algorythms would flag multi billion dollar liens. You’d think someone could suggest a method to filter such paralegal filings.

Instead the state chose to hit back hard. Last March, the eight troublemakers were indicted for two dozen paper crimes. The state imposed bonds averaging a quarter million each. It hasn’t stopped the crew, as their wives and friends keep serving more notices and liens. So now the state intends to make them examples and imprison them for life.

Jury Selection, Only For the Prosecution
Here’s what happened Monday during jury selection, when both sides are meant to parse a jury pool to pick an impartial jury. You know, a defendant’s right to a jury of their peers?

Nalty and Byfield still don’t know what hit them. The prosecution was given the jurors’ details, the defendants learned none. They blindly accepted jurors whom the prosecutors had already carefully weeded. The defendants never knew it and the court was not “on the record” when this happened because it was before the judge entered the courtroom. But audience members saw the whole thing.

Actually, once he was presiding over the entrance of the jury pool, the judge was in a position to observe the prosecution desk already progressing well through the jury questionnaires while the defendants sat idle. Perhaps the judge didn’t know his court clerk had provided no instruction to the defendants. Ultimately whose responsibility would that be?

Monday for jury selection, the court decided it needed a jury pool of SIXTY from which to choose twelve jurors plus two alternates. To save time, the court had prospective jurors fill out 4-page questionnaires instead of having them deliver the customary recitation of their biographical details. The court assigned four digit non-sequential numbers to each candidate. Copies of these forms were made for all parties, stacked according to the seating order of the jury pool. They were put on the desks before sheriffs had brought in the defendants. The team of four prosecutors began pouring over the questionnaires and were warned by the court clerk not to get them out of order as it corresponded to how the jury pool would be admitted.

Team leader, Assistant AG Shapiro noticed that the forms bore the jurors’ signatures, which he instructed should be blacked out from the copies provided to the defendants. Two clerks set themselves to redacting the stacks for defendants Nalty and Byfield. Meanwhile the prosecution studied the forms, made their notes, and drew each other’s attention to details. This information included the applicants’ names and signatures. Trial lawyers do not discount surnames and autographs as irrelevant to evaluating a juror.

When the clerks finished their redactions there were still other courtroom delays and by the time the defendants were finally brought back from their holding cell, the prosecution had a full half hour head start studying the questionnaires, and of course twice the pairs of eyes.

The defendants were not told what the stacks were, nor that they were in any order. The defendants had barely been seated before the judge made his entrance and the jury pool was paraded into the courtroom. The defendants thus got no time to examine the questionnaires. They looked at the stacks dumbly, not knowing what they were supposed to do with them, or how, with their wrists in handcuffs. Defendant Byfield tried to shuffle through some of forms while the judge advised the jury pool. With shackles on he couldn’t manage the stack, much less keep it in order, even if he knew that would matter. Forget managing pen and paper, in addition to taking notes.

You’d hope that jurors will wonder why these “paper terrorists” are kept shackled. Who has ever asserted they pose a threat of violence to anyone?

On the other hand, if you doubt that the failure to file a public oath should earn a prosecutor the accusation of fraud, if you doubt it means they’re untrustworthy, the unfairness they eagerly exploited on the first day of trial would give you pause. They behaved every bit as corrupt and mendatious as Nalty and Byfield have been saying. How unfortunate the jury didn’t see it.

27 thoughts on “Not The People v. Stephen Nalty and Steven Byfield. Right to an Unfair Trial.

  1. At the risk of stating the obvious, they didn’t just look at a stack of papers “dumbly.”

    They also dumbly committed multiple serious crimes, filed false liens, made bogus legal threats, pretended to be judges and officials when they weren’t etc.

    After that they dumbly refused counsel.

    Then they dumbly failed to realize that they didn’t know what they were doing, and it was therefore more likely they would be convicted.

    And you dumbly failed to see that obvious point.

    They will probably get convicted and dumbly wonder why no one told them this would happen, why their magic fake legal crap doesn’t work, and why their friends led them astray with crap like your website and article.

  2. It is clear to thinking Americans who know that public officials need oaths of office and surety bonds, that refusal on the officials’ part to present them renders such officials as without legal standing to officiate, and casts them into strong suspicion of committing treason against the American people (who are the state in fact) and against the Constitution (whether one chooses the 1789 version or the bogus version of c. 1868, the latter being the Bar associations’ discovered attempt to hide the original and ratified 13th Amendment).

    Failure to honor and uphold criteria of the organic Constitution by so-called “public” officials (better termed pretenders) cannot be excused by the repeated imposition of renewable “war powers” actions of the corporate US president, as such automatic renewals show how disingenuous the corporate DC “government” (in name only) is, by pretending the “law of the land” can magically and summarily be set aside by a presidential pen only.

    If upholding constitutional criteria by public officials is irrelevant or notwithstanding due to presidential “war powers” renewals, then such “officials” (in name only) should have no problem in maintaining and presenting upon demand their credentials for inspection by the hoi polloi, with particular emphasis upon the critically needed oath of office and surety bonds.

    The invalid on its face criticism of the defendants by the disingenuous comments/diatribe coming from Captain Oblivious (above) is easily seen as the frivolous ranting of a shill or heckler for the illegal prosecution.

    The worm of truth has turned, and we the patriotic American people know of the mixed war that’s currently being waged against us by the District of Columbia “government” (in name only), that stems from their formal declaration of war against the people as articulated within the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act as amended on March 9, 1933, and as signed into law by treasonous corporate president FDR, amidst the urging of the international gangster banksters of the unconstitutional and anti-American Federal Reserve, and by what’s now referred to as the “deep state”.

  3. Captain, you’re spouting the same crap as Trump with his continuous Solicitation of Murder in the case of the Central Park 5 who have been proven Not Guilty but spent a lot of time in prison because ‘good citizens’ like yourself hide behind the cowardly doctrine of
    “The policeman is always right” and it’s tailor made for people who are too lazy to think for themselves. Alles Sieg Heil am der UnterFuhrer Captain Obvious!

  4. Who am I? What do I know? Maybe I’m nobody and maybe I am everybody!
    I’m just an American combat Veteran who believes in the Pledge of Allegiance, the principles outlined in the American Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution of the United States of America.

    Maybe after 71 years on this planet I began to take note of history unfolding and certain similarities between what is happening in America and what happened to Germany.

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” – Benjamin Netanyahu.
    I could not help but notice that;
    “Mental Slavery is the worst form of slavery. It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes.”

    About me; I served two and a half years in Vietnam unwittingly fighting for the stated American Government’s concern about the Domino Theory and it’s stated committed interest in providing the Vietnamese people with a Democracy. I was awarded two medals for Heroism and over twenty two others for Valor and Gallantry in combat.

    I served for four years as a New York City Police Officer in a high crime precinct.

    I then joined the New York City Fire Department as a Firefighter and was forced to retire with injuries after 9/11. I lost 343 fellow Firefighters on that day and we lost more people on that day then we lost at Pearl Harbor!

    I was also trained as an FDNY Fire Marshal with the power to, administer the oath, take testimony, issue a subpoena and as such, recognized as an expert witness in Court in matters of Arson.

    So rather than go into all the things I now know let me just say that we can find the direction we need in the words and perceptions of brave men, patriots and our founding fathers. Because America has lost her way and is now in the hands of witting and unwitting elements who are clearly involved in treasonous treachery, inside the gates. They are a clear and present danger. They are clearly moving toward their and their hidden master’s goal of a New World Order which includes a return to the divine rights of self imposed, un-elected royalty and Kings.

    In the words of one of our founding fathers


    “We have it in our power to begin the world over again” ~ Thomas Paine

    “Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe. […]
    […] we claim brotherhood with every European Christian, and triumph in the generosity of the sentiment.” ~ Thomas Paine, Common Sense

    “I love the man that can smile in troubles – that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. It is the business of little minds to shrink; but he, whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.”
    “I dwell not upon the vapours of imagination, I bring reason to your ears; and in language as plain as A,B,C, hold up truth to your eyes.” ~ Thomas Paine, American Crisis I

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” Thomas Paine

    “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” ~ Ghandi

    “Patrotism is a devotion to a certain place and people, contrary to nationalism
    which is inseparable from lust for power.” ~ George Orwell

    “It is impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible. Of all the dispositions and habits that lead to political prosperity, our Religion and morality are the indispensable supporters. Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without Religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that our national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” ~ George Washington.

    I am also aware that;

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” ~ Seneca the Younger

    “America is like a healthy body and its
    Resistance is threefold: Its patriotism,
    Its morality, and its spiritual life,
    If we can undermined these three areas,
    America will collapse from within.” ~ Joseph Stalin

    It is now clear to me that the prophetic words of RFK are inescapable;

    “A Revolution is coming…a revolution which will be
    Peaceful if we are wise enough,
    Compassionate if we care enough,
    Successful if we are fortunate enough,
    but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not.
    We can affect its character;
    we cannot alter its inevitability.” ~ Robert Kennedy

    I chose to take the high ground here because treason from within is so clearly vile, disgusting and beyond the Pale!

    “The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history” ~ George Orwell

    “We were the first Nation State to establish the principle that Sovereignty and ultimate political power resides in the people!” ~ Kevin Danaher co-founder, Global Exchange

    It is time to ask yourself, where do you stand? Are you an American patriot dedicated to the core values this Nation was founded on, or are you going along with those currently in power?
    “It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” — Krishnamurti Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978), is an anglo-American

    “In the beginning of a change the Patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a patriot.” ~ Mark Twain

    One last thing;

    “Our lives begin to end the moment we remain silent about the things that really matter.” ~ MLK

  5. Robyna Choleton is right on regarding the corporate, foreign agent occupier’s (all government public officials who have subscribed and taken allegiance to an unlawful oath of office) yet purporting to be the lawful government structure over US citizens. I mean after all, it is alleged that those public officials who were called out by the alleged defendants for failing to properly file their unlawful oath of office which to me is blatant fraud and treason perpetrated by these purported public officials. Yes, the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 amended from the War Powers Act of 1917 actually deems all US citizens as enemy combatants occupying conquered territory under emergency rule (martial rule and not to be confused with martial law) which unlawfully has put the people under the laws/doctrine of conquest.

    Bottom line is the fact that these kangaroo court sessions will continue until enough people become educated followed by organizing and overwhelming these corporate foreign occupier’s. If I’m not mistaken, the purported defendants in this matter were part of the purported judge Steve Curry club and for the record, Thomas David house of Deegan and myself were on a conference call with Curry and others back sometime in 2015 and we attempted to warn them of their antics against this establishment due to not having the lawful standing and sure enough

    Regarding the unlawful oath of office I specified above, I ask that anyone please show where there is a lawful document in law, at law, or otherwise that has a title of: The Constitution of the United States. Any of the copies of the organic Constitution or the defacto Constitution I’ve ever read contains the words The Constitution for or of the u/United States of America. So what we have here folks is the fact that each and every oath of office taken and subscribed to is a total fraud and my guess is such an omission is their plausible deniability when ever enough people wake up decide to hang these tyrants from lamp posts like they should have over the Emergency Banking Relief Act where the purported Federal Reserve drew up the Act, FDR pushed through the purported congress and the purported Supreme Court gave gave such treasonous garbage the nod.

    It gets even better when you have the purported President who is supposed to take an article VI oath of office yet there are (4) four unlawful words added at the end “so help me God” I do not have a problem with those (4) four words however, there would need to be an article V amendment process in order to lawfully include those words. Again, is this due to plausible deniability for treasonous acts these purported presidents have committed? I truly think so.

    I could go on and on picking apart critical aspects of the purported Constitution as well as the Northwest Ordinance, Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence not to mention the absolute fraudulent and treasonous Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 a.k.a. Paris Peace Treaty which has specific words as Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector over the United States of America. If you want to know the truth behind those words, I suggest looking up the definitions under Roman Civil Law. Remember, words in law are critical yet it is only a one way street when the current and purported government structure rules via the laws/doctrine of conquest.

    Back sometime in 2015, Thomas David house of Deegan and I were on a conference call with purported judge Curry and quite possibly some or all of the several purported defendants in this matter and we warned them all that they do not have the proper and lawful standing, capacity and law form to do what they were doing as well as claiming to be judges, marshals, assembling grand juries and that oath of office they devised was also a joke and low and behold, Curry was arrested sometime shortly thereafter.

    Bottom line is I suggest all go to: and read and study off the pull pull down menus off the home page. By doing so you will understand what true standing, capacity and law form is all about and you will also understand that we do have the standing and by putting the current structure in total default and dishonor via a writ of qui tam and of course, they keep right on trucking by operating under ultra vires violations (operating without their corporate charter) which is now defined as operating under the laws/doctrine of conquest.

    Yes, we the trustees of The Declaration and Indenture Covenant of a Trust along with the trust protector have the lawful standing to implement this new structure on behalf of all men, women and children ( beneficiaries) on the soil geographically defined as the United States of America.

    Again, I respectfully ask that you please study the contents located on: if you want to understand the lawful remedy to this Babylonian debt slave structure many are under today and if not, continue down the path of purported judge Curry’s and purported judge Anna Von Reitz’s UN/Vatican backed structure to the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes resulting in an even worse structure then what we suffer now. “roll eyes”

  6. Leonard Frank House of Harview…
    I cannot add anything else ti what you have written in your comments above…You are “spot on” and until the American People educate themselves to what has truly transpired from all of those fraudulent contracts specified above…we will continue the path we are on…and have been our entire lives…the path of serfdom and enslavement…
    Go to and educate yourselves for God’s sake…

  7. I remember Mr.Michael Spears,appearing as a judge has entered plea”Not guilty” on behalf of both Stephen Nalty and Steve Byfield against their wishes. Mr. Nalty said “I do not consent!”,and Mr. Byfield said”Do not do anything on my behalf”. That was during the arrangement several months back.
    On 9-21-17 Michael Spears told jury that both, Mr .Nalty and Mr. Byfield pleaded”Not guilty”.That is inconsistent with the truth!

  8. Look at all these sovereign citizen fools! Whoa nelly!

    So, they’re upset that the government gave them jury information and they didn’t know what to do with it? I thought they were so brilliant and legal minded that they would know that kind of thing. Right?

    And at their arraignment, Halina Topa, there were two choices, guilty or not guilty. There is no “not going to decide” option. Entering not guilty preserved their rights to a jury trial. I thought that’s what they wanted, right?

  9. I’m ever so in your debt, captain whatever. You tell the story the way your masters tell you to tell us. These are by the way the same courts and prosecutors who enabled the PIGS to murder John Walter and Marvin Booker and made sure the PIGS got away with it. Lick their gestapo jackboots. It must be delicious, the thick rich layer of pig boot polish.

  10. I recently learned of this case through a friend of mine, who, like so many others, have been victimized by our disgusting corporate government. I’m still learning about this case and the history behind those involved. I applaud anyone who stands up to these crooked scumbag officials who live luxurious lives at the expense of the working men and women barely making it. What are they doing to earn that pampered lifestyle ? The way I see it, they are the real criminals. ” For the People”….words forgotten by many and foreign to this new generation of ignorant. The same wigs and pigs who have so quietly managed to strip our rights away, indoctrinate our children and manipulate the masses will quickly abuse the same powers to silence those who would dare shine light on the corruption. For the People??? Since when? I am a United States veteran who served to defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. Have our military leaders also forgotten the oath? Our enemy lies within. creates more and more foreign enemies to keep us looking the other direction.
    I have been treated like scum by government employees and officials who do not care that I suffer from ptsd and other mental health issues. They went so far as to entrap me with confidential informants and just to stick me with a felony for a tiny tiny amount of substance that I was using to self medicate. My own government refuses to treat me properly for mental health and chooses instead to throw me into the other gia t corporation of incarceration. I’m still struggling and they know it. Instead of intervening for the sake of a patriot who risked it all for red white and blue, they just play on my paranoia and make themselves at home with my privacy, snooping in everything and following me around to sniff out dealers and let me appear as a mole until I’m dead and they just find another like me to continue ….uggggggghhhhhhh …. Done rambling…

  11. Brian, the part about ‘for the people’ was part of the Gettysburg Address has no legal enforceability. Like ‘liberty and justice for all’ which is part of a religious oath to a flag. You’re getting close onto it. I see an awakening moment in your words. Not so much the cause of the problem, you nailed that, but a good understanding of what to do next. In the Air Farts they ordered me to think and say their doctrine and implement it. Which is why I had to stop several times as I left out the gate at Sheppard AFB, to pick up my ass because I kept laughing it off.

  12. I was always in trouble during my army days for failing to plug my brain into their outlet.

  13. So, it’s okay to file false liens and threaten people based on rulings from a bogus kangaroo court that took place between ordering and eating at Denny’s?

  14. And did they actually do what the kangaroo Kourt Klowns say happened ? No conviction? I bet the Judges and Prosecutors rejoice when YOU report for Jury Duty. Do exactly what your Gestapo Masters tell you. Say what they tell you to say. The Police are Always Right and None Shall Dare Refute That! Alles Sieg Heil am der Kolorado 4th Reich! You might by now have noticed you’re NOT preaching to the choir.

  15. Captain Obvious you are a motherfuckin idiot of monumental proportions. Love Captainette Obvious

  16. Captain Obvious take your motherfuckin “boner” (funny huh) and get the fuck out of this country idiot.

  17. So, if he thinks these guys are not just “hard-headed” but also are stupid and guilty, as opposed to stupid and innocent, that means he has to leave the country? That doesn’t sound much like the words of someone who believes in due process of law, ya know, like a “judicial activist” should, that is.

  18. No. No. We have enough stupid Americans roaming around the earth embarrassing all other Americans by killing people and then telling the survivors that America Is Their Friend and Protector. And instead of learning the local patois they hunt furiously for somebody who speaks English to translate for them. And the funniest part of that is the ones who rant and rave about everybody else need to learn english, are the ones who speak only English and do a piss-poor job of that.

  19. Indubitably, one must stop for a moment, whilst supping on caviar and toast, to ponder the immense complexities afore us. Indeed, one must truly consider any fellow who learns the “local patois” and emphasizes his self-ordained fluency in English. Except, patois is French. And you’re a douchebag.

  20. An ancient Jewish proverb I invented a few years ago: A sneer from the lips of a fool is like praise from the angels. Patois is French for “the local dialect” true. And I can lapse into Texas english at any time. And the little French I can speak. Now, if you can look on an online translation site and find out the meaning of patois, surely people who believe that English is the only language in the world could be able to actually learn to speak English. At the least. Especially as they think themselves to be the greatest and strongest and most of all smartest, why don’t they? Rather than shout out such gems as Speak-o english-o? But the subtleties of language are not quite the most embarrassment of dropping munitions on them, be over the horizon before the bombs start bursting in the air directly in the midst of mostly civilians and neither the pilots nor Drone operators nor their Masters know who exactly they just killed, say so in their statements but these people who they never identify even to themselves are automatically transmogrified into Terrorists. Even the children. That would be awkward if the Pig Establishment stopped there, they also shoot Americans in the back and no matter what the person is actually doing or who the person was, the person is automatically a criminal. Works the same way in foreign assaults or domestic assaults. Caviar isn’t French but instead Russian. By the way. And tea is good for the body as a whole. Afore is strictly a temporal expression, as in “time” while before can be temporal (synonymous to afore) or Positional, as in “in front of” another person or object. Indubitably means “beyond any doubt” yet you write it as though you Do doubt. My “fluency” isn’t fluent. It does not flow, a neural anomaly called Asbergers.prevents me from speaking fluently for more than a few words. Unless I’m reciting something I rehearsed or singing. I make do with what I have.

  21. General Specific Was I not clear? Well re-read and THINK

    “Captain Obvious take your motherfuckin “boner” (funny huh) and get the fuck”

    Get it? We don’t need his “boner” or his “motherfuckin” so he should exit the “fuck” out of this country. Has nothing to do with what you think! You’re a monumental idiot too! Feel free to stay in the country until you’re “boner” gets out of control.

  22. There is one thing about Pro Se, as one judge said “a fool for a client.” It’s not an automatic procedural call as grounds for dismissal in appeal.

    But in Colorado an appeal is automatic anyway. Betimes I comfort myself that perhaps the Public Pretenders actually throw the case in the hopes an appeals court might be a little more lenient than the one which dropped the gavel on the client. Then my acute realism says no way Jose. There seems to be a tendency toward lynch law, Judge Lynch was in fact a real person and a real jackass and unfortunately a real judge. In Clay County Kentucky. Home of Cassius Clay who was a pure monstrous demon spawn but in Kentucky they worship his memory. He also owned the great grandparents of Muhammad Ali.

    Anyhow, the threat of lynching gets many an insincere guilty plea.

  23. To those who think the “Common Law Grand Jury” is phony or fake or something other than real, I suggest you refer to Williams V US 1982.
    Speaking for the SCOTUS Justice Scalea said the Common Law Grand Jury belongs to the people and is not controlled by Judge or District Attorney and is like a 4th branch of government.

  24. Ah, but if the people were allowed to do our own judgments, depending entirely on all parties agreed, that would decentralize government and many multitudes of cops would be wandering round the country saying need work, fresh brains need work..

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