Texas church gunman kills two gunmen before being killed by next gunman

A gunman goes into a church –have you heard this one? Essentially the latest headline goes: Texas church gunman kills two armed churchgoers before being killed by yet another. That’s a lot of Texas church gunmen. Apparently when the shooting stopped even more worshipers pulled out their guns. Let’s see, the lesson about needing a gun to defend oneself doesn’t add up so well in this example. In Texas totting a gun to church means you have a one in three chance of surviving an attack by a fellow gun believer. Sunday’s two victims were armed after all and it didn’t save them. And if we think about this charitably, as we ought to because the first gunman, the troubled one, was a churchgoer himself, having a gun didn’t save him either, the actual odds become one survivor out of every four church gunmen. God rest everybody’s piece. So the lesson here is, don’t go to church! And especially not if you are packing. If a fellow troubled soul doesn’t shoot you, security will.

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  1. there’s a joke about how there’s a joke that’s nearly true, “It’s against the law to have an exorcism because if you got the hell out of texas the whole place would disappear.” There’s another joke, it’s the firearms laws which prohibits carrying a slingshot, a knife with a fixed blade, a bow and arrows, spear, pistol, revolver (there is a difference) but you can carry a rifle, shotgun, musket, or fully automatic long arm. or any combination with a permit. There’s been more than a year the Tree of Life Synagogue , Trump and his demon-spawn offspring and in-laws can’t really mean it when they say their actions stopped or even abated. They still put out out of the front of their (for a lack of a better word) “faces” such hate that would make Klansmen blush….

    ….if they had the capacity to blush.

    The violence goes merrily along.

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