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Army offers Mental Resiliency Training to harden the conscience against PTSD

What do you make of the VA study indicating that more stateside military drone operators suffer higher Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than soldiers in actual combat? It may point to the obvious, that PTSD comes less from being shell-shocked under fire and more from committing deeds to haunt the conscience. If our troops weren’t being asked to act inhumanely, perhaps we’d see fewer suicides, or homeless and maladapted vets. Instead the Army has announced it will give all its soldiers “mental resiliency training.” This might inoculate their fear of coming home to face their loved ones, but will it steel them against redemption?

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Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: November 2, 2009, 12:53 am

That’s what Chaplains and Psychiatrists for the Military and Police do. Their job is to convince the troops that their killing and enslavement of PEOPLE is morally justified.

Usually the Army only keeps the reinforcement of that training going for as long as you’re in. As long as they can exploit your “service”.

Military Doctors same way. They’ll keep the soldiers healthy the same way a jet mechanic keeps the airplane healthy, the same way the Armorer keeps the machine-guns “healthy”.

Once a soldier is out of the machine, he’s really a discarded cog.

No longer worthy of being maintained and repaired. There’s a growing sentiment in the Retiree community that the Pentagoons hope they die off sooner rather than later, because of the way Pensions are structured. And the VA health benefits.

The bean-counters at the Pentagon will make you turn in a burned out light bulb before they allow you graciously and generously to have another, turn in an empty toilet paper core before getting a new roll.

You seriously think they want the ex-machine-parts to actually live a long life after they’re no longer “fit for service”?

Anybody who wants to ask if I believe that must be meshuginah.

It’s not like I hide my feelings about it in any way.

Y’all soldiers, Wake The Fuck Up. The General Staff don’t consider you as comrades in arms or Valuable for any reason other than they consider a well maintained Vulcan (.50 caliber and 20mm motorized Gatling guns that fire 120 rounds per second) to be valuable.

By that I mean your commanders at the Base.

The ones in the Pentagon are even more devoid of Human soul or human emotion or anything more than enough of a vaguely Humanoid form that their uniforms still fit.

Strategic Air Command (bombers and Missiles) before they got split into different commands, had a crest with a mailed fist holding lightning bolts. And the motto “Peace is Our Profession”.

You could also buy a tee-shirt at any BX on a SAC base that had that and the added slogan “…but killing is our Hobby”.

Real damn funny that is.

“We are here to win your hearts and minds… or just burn down your Goddamn huts”.

Face it, Army dudes. Your entire job is ending human lives. You think your Masters give a shit about YOURS?

Wake the Fuck Up.

Comment from Brother Jonah   (IP:
Time: November 2, 2009, 12:58 am

Oh, and when you’re out of the Army, and you’re not being given huge doses of Reinforcement of your training….

Your training slips away. You replace it gradually or sometimes in huge chunks with behaviiors that are more in line with the Basic Survival Instinct the Army tried to train out of you.

One day you’ll look upon some jackass instructing you to go into a town where you know exactly Not One Single Person and kill everybody in that town, and say,

“Man, who’d be stupid enough to do something like that, just because he was told to do it?”

As it is you’re indoctrinated just as thoroughly as the al Qa’eda and Taliban.

And with the same basic purpose, so you’ll kill people simply because you’re told to do so.

Comment from Y   (IP:
Time: April 11, 2010, 1:02 pm

You sound like a pretty angry and “hateful” person. You should at that first before you go judging the rest of the world. The irony of your comment is that you yourself could use some of that resiliency training yourself. All the best to you..peace

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