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DO US soldiers know what they sign up for? Horror? Mass murder? Burn pits? PTSD. Disability. Homelessness. Viagra.

It was a crass thing for Trump to say to a recent war widow, but of course it’s also fundamentally said in praise of brave men. They knew what they signed up for. But do American soldiers know what they … Continue reading

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Wilfred Owen: Spring Offensive & PTSD

You won’t find a more haunting depiction of battle induced PTSD than the last two stanzas of Wilfred Owen’s Spring Offensive. You’ll be curious no doubt to double back on the setup: troops being marched to the frontline, the idyllic … Continue reading

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The conceivability that climate change, torture, or Pope’s Catholicism isn’t.

The January 2015 Smithsonian Magazine asks “Did Civil War vets suffer from PTSD?” which seems a progressive conceit from an arbitor of the accepted version of events. I think it’s useful to ask “Does a bear shit in the woods?” … Continue reading

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One man’s war hero is another’s snitch. Iraqi informant Jasim Mohammed Ramadon is also an American rapist.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Haha. Iraqi “war hero” Jasim Mohammed “Steve-O” Ramadon was granted asylum in the US after snitching on his countrymen, his tribe, and own father, as a youth informer for the US Army. An American soldier brought Ramadon … Continue reading

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Who really has PTSD?

“Suleiman’s post-traumatic stress disorder left him unable to work and without means to support himself,” says Crosby. “His lack of self-sufficiency has led to further depression and feelings of inadequacy and shame, because he has to rely on his family … Continue reading

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The Air Force Rape Academy- are the two sexes having trouble getting along in the military?

Let’s face it, having young men and women join together in an authoritarian environment like the military most certainly is, is definitely a sure fire recipe for disaster. And disaster is exactly what’s happening out at the Lackland Air Force … Continue reading

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WWII vet, age 92, finally diagnosed with PTSD why, because we care?

Sgt. Stanley Friedman, a 92 yr-old veteran of the WWII North African campaign, was finally diagnosed with PTSD. Pro bono lawyers couldn’t even verify his service records, but after sixty years of denying his claims, the VA has at last … Continue reading

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Pentagon-loving corporate media says to pay no attention to real details about the Sgt. Bales led USA war crime

The news report yesterday, hidden away for the most part, was that Child witnesses to Afghan massacre say Robert Bales was not alone and read that the Afghan reporter who was reporting for the Australian press had also reported being … Continue reading

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Why are returning US soldiers with behavior and/or psych problems being pumped so full with narcotics?

According to the study, vets with psychiatric and other behavior problems are being given 2-4 times the amount of narcotics if they claim to have physical pain of some sort as those without these Psych conditions. What gives? PTSD veterans … Continue reading

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To cure P.T.S.D. we need to spread it

I always thought it misguided that the antiwar community should worry about our soldiers’ PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: it’s a guilty conscience soldier, you’ve earned it. Of course, Troop Supporters bear responsibility too, so we need to spread the … Continue reading

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A face to launch a thousand protests. Leak your trophy footage you cowards

This is a still from John Pilger’s THE WAR YOU DON’T SEE, recently blocked from its US debut in Santa Fe. Why? Because such images will stop war. In particular this shows a terrified Iraqi girl held at gunpoint as … Continue reading

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News sources, MSM and the mouths of horses…

See, we constantly get told, on this site and any other site that opposes the wars and the occupations and such, that we’re listening to the “Liberal Mainstream Media”. Huh? The most frequently criticized “Liberal” media are as rabid a … Continue reading

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An anti-recruitment message especially for military families…

Because whenever the subject of recruitment comes up around certain members of my own family, many of whom were active duty military, the mantra of “But the Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines support the troops’ FAMILIES.” So, quiz time… Every base has a … Continue reading

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GI quadruple amputee’s hobby: guns. Army needs a prosthetic for PTSD.

Wounded Army Specialist Brendan Marrocco was this weekend’s NYT front page testimonial to the resilience of US soldiers. The VA is finally acknowledging amputee-counts apparently, so we now learn that 988 veterans have lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Specialist … Continue reading

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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Statistical Manipulation

This has a two part trigger, for me, I saw a bus stop sign saying that 1 in 5 returning soldiers have TBI and a BBC headline about “stocks fall on manufacturing data”, the last being a poorly constructed sentence … Continue reading

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Babykilling new Sport-du-jour. Update: No fatalities, lots of injuries…

Actually in French it would be jeu du jour which is kind of a really bad pun. But, in China, a day care center/preschool was the scene of a knife attack. I didn’t read past the headline, sue me. 28 … Continue reading

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These days we outsource our POW-MIA

According to Nation Magazine, there are 131,000 homeless vets, and about 18 suicides per day among America’s 25 million vets.

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Major Abu Nidal Hasan to meet Jack Ruby

So who was the Fort Hood shooter, do we know? The media’s got the back story all lined up for it to be Nidal Malik Hasan, he has three names like all assassins (and sound bites), and now the Army … Continue reading

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Army offers Mental Resiliency Training to harden the conscience against PTSD

What do you make of the VA study indicating that more stateside military drone operators suffer higher Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than soldiers in actual combat? It may point to the obvious, that PTSD comes less from being shell-shocked under … Continue reading

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Support Our Homeless Troops

COLORADO SPRINGS- I watched yesterday as a group of homeless men disbanded beneath an underpass. I remarked how their yet unbent frames and close-shaved heads made them appear more menacing than usual. Then I noticed one had a graphite prosthetic … Continue reading

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Why rent-a-cop if you can rent-a-killer?

The city clerk has been working on a proposal to the Colorado Springs City Council to authorize private security firms to carry semi-automatic weapons. The New Life Church shootings raise the issue, apparently, that security personnel should be better armed, … Continue reading

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Your dad is going to die of cancer

It’s just been reported that the children of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are more likely to suffer child abuse. Is this finding not terrible enough for their parents to take heed and refuse to to be ordered there? … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 3,500 x 100

This Memorial Day the number of US soldier casualties in Iraq nears 3,500. At 1,000 we held a vigil in Acacia Park. We did the same at the 1,500 and 2,000 marks. The numbered-cross memorial we mounted at Camp Casey … Continue reading

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Homeless vets, the Iraq generation

There’s a little discount store I like to frequent where I get inexpensive health food. I crossed paths there today with some homeless young men. It was only a matter of time I thought, before the truly needy discovered this … Continue reading

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Support our snively troops

We’ve had a spate of vandalism at Camp Casey of late. It’s usually the same thing: lights broken, cinder blocks smashed, chairs upturned, fire pit stolen, banners torn and taken. They’ve taken STOP THE WAR, END WAR, WHAT NOBLE CAUSE, … Continue reading

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