The Pikes Peak Passion Film Festival 2001

The festival Saturday night went fantastic! Eighty-seven people showed up and there were just enough seats. The shorts were great. Eric and I even made a funny introductory film, we had edited the night before, the entire night actually. So I was a little punch-drunk when I got up to extemporize a welcome speech.

I began with “We really had hoped for a larger crowd” I thought it was pretty funny, considering that people were spilling over, there were a dozen kids on the trampoline alone. No one laughed.

That completely threw me. If I couldn’t draw off the top of my head, what could I say? I hadn’t prepared anything really, just thanks to those involved, introductions, blabla.

I was reassured later that the festival itself came off so impressively that my inexpertise was endearing. Could have been a biased opinion.

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