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Colorado is simply full of people who do not respect Mother Nature at all — You Morons!

Don't you get sick of the annual Pikes Peak auto races? I do. The whole event is simply morons trashing out Mother Nature. Jeremy Foley Crash - Pikes Peak 2012 ...With people like this seeing their 'races' as sport, firing guns off at firing ranges in the mountains, and all the other stupid activities morons like to do with their expensive toys, it is no wonder we have so many huge forest fires each summer. And this is not to even mention the little girl almost killed this year.... How Pikes Peak Became The Most Dangerous Place Ive Ever Raced ...These races are an embarrassment to the city of Colorado Springs, which is already an embarrassment to Colorado. Part of our city's ugly face to the rest of the world, along with the religious nuts and military mind set all over the place...