The RealNews toolbar

The RealNews toolbar ( as a non-portal frameset which can provide a temporary selection of news sites to your browser, without your having to have the bookmarks, nor even suffer traces of the websites in your browser history.

If you’ve reached this article by clicking on the RN navigation link at the top, then the toolbar should be above this page, pretending to be part of your browser.

The toolbar is comprised of over a dozen categories, each with around a dozen news sites. The collection is not meant to be complete. It is rather a handy selection to provide an objective glimpse of current events. If you know of an invaluable web resource that is not included on RealNews, be sure to contact them.

A number of other options are accessible from the RealNews home page. There are changeable themes for example, to make the toolbar stand out, or alternatively to make it blend in. There are also several hidden groupings, among them a top twenty list.

Simply bookmark the site at whatever configuration you prefer. There are no cookies or javascripts to track your activities. The RealNews Toolbar provides a perfect shield for your reading activities. The browser history will only ever reveal that you have been to the RealNews site, ideal for people browsing at their workplace or at a public machine.

My preferred point of entry for reading each day’s news is at the top 20, with Google News as the initial page, and the Night Vision toolbar theme.

For local news I have bookmarked the Colorado Springs selection.

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