Brazil redux

Brazil interrogation finale
Is it time to bite a bullet and watch BRAZIL again? You might remember this movie as a wonderfuly dark comedy. Now it’s horror! And the evil doesn’t vanish when you turn the lights back on.

When Terry Gilliam made BRAZIL in 1985, his film was a sci-fi comedy, granted it was Orwellian and unsettling. Gilliam had to take out full-page ads in Variety to beg the studio to release it, because the studios thought it was too dark.

Could he have released BRAZIL now? Now it’s all come true! Now it’s plain horror! Remember the premise? Department of Information Retrieval! War on terrorism! Swat abduction! Sanctioned interrogation! Secret detention, except the family receives the bill! Bureaucratic arrogance! Even facelifts gone awry!

Jonathan Pryce stars, Robert DeNero is Tuttle, the repairman who defies the Central Services monopoly, he’s the terrorist!

Do you think you’ll have the stomach for it? Will any of it be funny? On DVD you can chose from three versions: the one Hollywood wanted -with what is now know as the “love conquers all” ending, the compromise version we all saw in the theaters, or Gilliam’s director’s cut. Your choice. They’re all going to be plenty scary.

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