It is proposed that we ask participants to gather together in the center of the lot and someone in their midst will “explode.” We’ll use a combination of noise, streams of graffiti, flour and whatever else in the air to simulate what is now everyday in Baghdad.

Some participants will be coached by veterans who’ve returned from Iraq, as to which victims should scream, which should run, which should stand with their hands cupped to their ears, dazed.

Photographers will be permitted to take shots from vantage points on the roofs, spectators will be cordoned off, although the actual simulation might be staged outside of the expected area.

Timing will also be unpredictable. Suspected bombers will circulate interminably. Spectators will be asked to try to identify potential threats. Participants may be coached to avoid congregating in groups large enough to attract a suicide bomber. Hopefully we’ll achieve an awareness of something of the insecurity that Iraqis must live with every day.

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