Beautiful handfuls

I’m discovering another aspect about beautiful women. They need a lot of attention, not because they are insecure, mais non, but because they are accustomed to being the center of their world, they think that’s all there is. And why not I guess, they never had anything else.

Et de plus elles vous accuse of not appreciating anything other than their beauty, without offering other talents: bad taste, small problems, little interest in you. And so I am feeling inadequate to handle them.

I’m reminded of being with Sz in the grocery store. Sz was arrestingly beautiful and she would always eat nuts and produce by the handful, browsing the aisles without paying. I would be embarrassed and afraid to be caught, I’d ask her not to do it. But of course I was only getting in her way because beautiful girls get away with anything.

It was fun. I could drive twice the speed limit, get pulled over, and be sent off with a smile. Three times.

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