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Tehran apartment buildingAmerican viewers who watched the collapse of the World Trade Center may be surprised to see that this relatively negligible apartment building still stands after being hit by an airplane twice the size of the 9-11 jets.

An Irianian Hercules 130 military cargo plane collided with a ten story apartment building on the outskirts of the airport in Tehran. The building still stands, despite all our own first hand experience about what is supposed to happen to buildings struck by airliners considerably smaller than cargo planes.

Messy scattering of wreckageAs well, the pictures depict a wreckage-strewn scene at the site of the crash. It appears at least our Pentagon grounds keepers have something up on the Iranians when it comes to tidy crash sites.

There was quite a bit of wreckage, strewn across the site of the crash, including of course the black boxes, leading no one to suspect that the building had been struck by anything other than an airplane.

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