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From whence shines that Bat Signal?

iran bat signalIt’s a droll cartoon, calling Twitter to the rescue. But I believe MARSDEN got the metropolis wrong. It’s Paris, London or Amsterdam, and French and English diplomats are in an Iranian court today because Tehran suspects the Green Revolutionists are being stirred up from points international.

The telecommunications companies could clear this up, if they weren’t themselves eager to reform Iran’s economy to favor capitalism unfettered by Islamic morality.

The US antiwar community in particular is split on whether to play along with the charade. Secular freedoms are good, but are there real verifiable indications that Iran’s populace wants them? On the one side, the Campaign for Peace and Democracy is cracking the whip to keep the usual pacifists in line. They’ve issued talking points to refute criticisms that the CPD effort in Pax Americana disguised.

Here are their straw questions:

1. Was the June 12, 2009 election fair?

2. Isn’t it true that the Guardian Council is indirectly elected by the Iranian people?

3. Was there fraud, and was it on a scale to alter the outcome?

4. Didn’t a poll conducted by U.S.-based organizations conclude that Ahmadinejad won the election?

5. Didn’t Ahmadinejad get lots of votes from conservative religious Iranians among the rural population and the urban poor? Might not these votes have been enough to overwhelm his opponents?

6. Hasn’t the U.S. (and Israel) been interfering in Iran and promoting regime change, including by means of supporting all sorts of “pro-democracy” groups?

7. Has the Western media been biased against the Iranian government?

8. Is Mousavi a leftist? A neoliberal? What is the relation between Mousavi and the demonstrators in the streets?

9. Is Ahmadinejad good for world anti-imperialism?

10. Is Ahmadinejad more progressive than his opponents in terms of social and economic policy? Is he a champion of the Iranian poor?

11. What do we want the U.S. government to do about the current situation in Iran?

12. What should we do about the current situation in Iran?

13. Is it right to advocate a different form of government in Iran?

The response to question one is amusing:

1. Was the June 12, 2009 election fair?

Even if every vote was counted fairly, this was not a fair election. 475 people wished to run for president, but the un-elected Guardian Council, which vets all candidates for supposed conformity to Islamic principles, rejected all but 4.

Free elections also require free press, free expression, and freedom to organize, all of which have been severely curtailed.”

Now, can they say the exact same thing about US elections? But they haven’t, nor have the CPD addressed Peace and Democracy issues anywhere but Iran.

Taking the admittedly lonely side is the Monthly Review, where academic Edward Herman can easily parry the CPD’s rationalizations.

Didn’t it used to be illegal to spend government monies to propagandize the American public? Someone wants a war with Iran, and their using do-gooder grass-roots to sell it.

Who killed Neda Agha-Soltan?

neda soltaniThe video footage is shocking. An attractive young woman watching the demonstrations in Tehran is struck by a sniper’s bullet and dies before several video cameras. The tragedy is projected unto Facebook and Youtube, with advocates hoping it will galvanize (American) public support for the brave reform movement in Iran. News accounts blame “Basij snipers” on the rooftops. Other protesters have been killed in confrontations with Iranian riot police, without the benefit of video witnesses, much like two million Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis et al. Poor 27-year-old bystander Neda Soltani stood at the quite improbable convergence of bullet and camera –correction– cameras. I don’t have to suggest the scene was staged; whether or not the triggerman was an American is immaterial.

Think about just the improbability of your seeing this video. When was the last time the mainstream press has circulated a snuff film? The average person is embarrassed to watch a person die. It’s exploitive. Even when America was fixated on beheaded hostages, our television gatekeepers refused to broadcast the footage. Many horrific war killing moments have found their way unto Youtube, which antiwar activists could only hope would find wider distribution, if only to bring home the inhumanity of our soldiers’ deeds. It never happens.

The western press is running with this story because it demonizes the apparently naked inhumanity of Islam. Muslims stone women, hang gays, look: the bastards shoot their own people arbitrarily. Curiously our media doesn’t make hay with the hapless victims of US snipers.

neda salehi agha soltanThe Neda Soltani snuff footage hit internet shores prepackaged with a smiling mug, and a name that translated means “the voice.” Could a casting director have picked a better title character to represent Iran’s repressed? The western press is even poised to outdo the Muslims in indignant piety, already lauding Neda as a martyr, whom we are informed should launch a thousand Shiite funeral processions. Western pundits compare Neda to the first Shiite martyr, the grandson of Mohammed himself.

Of course, also showing excessive Islamic sensitivity, western reporters readily dismiss the vanishing of Neda’s body, to the Muslim tradition of hasty burials. For the record, in case you missed it, Neda dies onscreen from an apparent gunshot. We do not see the bullet strike, nor now can anyone habeas corpus.

If the scenario was acted entirely, given the success with which the girl’s face is being made into an icon, young Neda’s life is probably as utterly expendable now as already depicted. You think you’re mourning Neda now, imagine her fate if this is a hoax.

OR the gunman could just as well have been a US black-op hit-man who had his eye on the videographers approaching innocent Neda. The US military has long admitted that special forces are already operating in Iran. If the Iranian forces are shooting civilian protesters, what’s the harm of helping them out where there’s a camera ready?

When we’re not meant to see it, the soldiers shoot the cameramen too.

It could be the work of Moussavi henchmen, who are our henchmen.

The Green Revolution, or TwitterTM Revolution, rebranded a “Social Media Revolution,” is a fabrication of the US pro-democracy agents working to destabilize Iran. They are hard at work in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Bolivia, and everywhere regimes threaten US globalization by enslavement. Remember the Orange Revolution? Any movement that is color-coded is the work of organizers reading US how-to manuals or attending OTPOR training seminars.

Where are the international voices decrying election fraud in Iran? No one other than the US and its stooges is asserting that populist leader Ahmadinejad did not win by a landslide. Only Iran’s urban middle class has taken to the streets of Tehran. And to protest what? Their minority standing in Iran?

The reformists in Iran are protesting democracy, not the failure of democracy. They are protesting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s hard line against irreligious western economic and colonial policies which traditionally benefit the secular urban elite. “Pro-Democracy” is neoliberal for pro-capitalist plunder.

See: Shah’s Son Backs Iranian Protesters.

Like the “dissidents” of Cuba, the Green greenback-seekers are marching on the CIA’s dime, and being meted the fate of foreign provocateurs. I have no doubt the majority are idealists and are well-intended, but like the Kurds who rose against Saddam Hussein, the US has set them up for slaughter, the sooner to motivate western support for military aggression against their evil regime.

Our media pundits point out that the protest banners are written in English, a sign that the Iranians are desperate to appeal to American viewers. They dismiss Iranian accusations of the demonstrations being US-backed as pure paranoia, and ignore the most simple explanation behind the English slogans, and the websites and networks amplifying the message to English speakers: these materials are being crafted by USAID advisers. This is a propaganda campaign aimed at Western ears, to call for regime change in Iran.

Neda’s Theme is tried and true: Jessica Lynch, Roxana Saberi, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, Neda Salehi Agha Soltan. Onward Christian Soldiers.

Neda Agha Soltan iranian martyr victim of US sniperThe American public won’t believe another fiction about Kuwaiti babies dumped from incubators, or of Belgian children impaled on the bayonets of the evil Hun. So Madison Avenue has upped the amperage. Today’s television armchair adjudicators have to see innocent young women snuffed on film before our eyes. Provided to us by a press too otherwise prurient to show us the mass of death we deal everyday.

The Iranians in the streets, and poor pretty Neda, are being sacrificed by heartless US strategists. I doubt even an errant Iranian bullet can match the American military for cruelty.

Miss North Dakota in grips of axis of evil

Roxana SaberiEvery day there’s a scare story coming out of Iran. A couple days ago, it was announced that a western news correspondent, Roxana Saberi, has been detained in Iran. Can they do that? Apparently Iran isn’t a free country like the USA.

Except that in the USA, too, reporters for foreign news services are required to have press credentials. Saberi has been reporting in Iran for six years, although a year ago her press credentials were not renewed. Maybe because she was doing work for NPR and Fox. Could those be considered propaganda branches of the US State Department? Not only as mouthpieces for the US military, but agents of a belligerent power at that. If the US has called Iran part of the Axis of Evil, where does that leave our identity in Tehran’s eyes?

Even if the well-spoken former Miss America contender was relaying heartwarming stories, in the hands of Fox News or NPR, no doubt it doesn’t come out that way.

When the US finds foreigners reporting to Cuba, for example, without press credentials, they incarcerate them. For years.

So let’s be fair, Saberi is not even being labeled by Iran as a foreign agent. And though she did overstay her permit, she wasn’t being deported.

What got Saberi arrested was buying a bottle of wine, which is illegal in iran. Try to buy an illegal controlled substance in America and then cry about how authorities seem to be picking on you.

4/18 UPDATE!
Ms. Saberi has been sentenced to eight years for spying. American Media take heed. Some people are prepared to call you on your so-called Fifth-Estate objectivity. If it talks like a propagandist, even if it walks like an innocuous beauty pageant contestant, it’s an agent of the state. In this case, a world bully with Barack Obama’s smile painted across its grill.

Denise was Mitch was Mary was Ronald

Etc, etc. Lest comment responses be perceived to address a fresh GIYUS, hasbara, cyber-friend of Israel. “They” parrot the same Internet Megaphone IDF propaganda talking points: Gaza is not occupied, there was no genocide, Israel’s birthright to exist is a moot point, Zionism is neither racism nor Apartheid, anti-Arab Professor Bernard Lewis, the greenhouses gifted by Israel, CAMERA articles, etc.

UPDATE: The original title of this post was:
Denise was Mitch was Mary was Ronald
Now: Alex is Walid is Peter is Allan is Ali is Sean is Denise…

Our Newark NJ gender switching Bob & Carol & Tom & Alice just jumped [back] from IP 96.242 to 71.187. Posters, notice the comment IP when you reply to “Denise” or his next impersonation. Part of the Megaphone strategy is to project a multitude of voices indignant about accusations leveled at Israel.

“Denise Cohen”                   +
“Mitch Horace”                                         
“Ronald Goff” + +
“Ellie Bloch”
“Kevin Greenough”
“Andrew Schiffman”             
“Morton Perelman”                +
“Tom Ely”                                                
“Alicia Kirsch”                                           
“Grace Cohen”                                          
“Claire Short”                                           
“Mary Walters”                       +

“Ali Duran” +
“Sean Dobson” +
“Peter Krieger”
“Walid Ashwari”
“Allan Faver”
“Alex Shamir”
“Melissa Cook”               
“David Stengler”             

In this case, ONE voice UNITED in the guise of too many. It may be only cricket to give “Denise” our ear. Can we hope he/she will develop some intellectual honesty?

Looking forward, here are some of the alerts which GIYUS and partners are circulating for troll support:

U.S. now sees Iran as pursuing nuclear bomb
Little more than a year after U.S. spy agencies concluded that Iran had halted work on a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration has made it clear that it believes there is no question that Tehran is seeking the bomb.
Act Now!

Amnesty: Hamas at a deadly campaign against rivals
Amnesty is exposing Hamas’ deadly campaign against its Palestinian critics and rivals. At least two dozen people were killed and many more tortured during and after Israel’s recent Gaza offensive.
Recommend Article

UN: Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets
The U.N. says Hamas police in Gaza have raided a U.N. warehouse and seized thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.
Expose this story

Cyprus Searches Iranian Arms Ship
Cypriot authorities are searching a cargo ship suspected by the United States of carrying Iranian arms to Hamas militants in Gaza. Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias said the ship had violated U.N. resolutions.
Expose this story

BBC, Sky News won’t broadcast Gaza charity appeal
To protect their objectivity both BBC and Sky News have refused to broadcast an emergency fund raising appeal for people living in the Gaza Strip.
Support their decision

Iranian Holocaust Denial Book to be Issued in English
Iranian publisher plans to launch English- and Arabic-language versions of a book of caricatures and satirical writings about the Holocaust
Protest this act

United in the fight against Hamas’ Terror
Six European leaders visited Jerusalem yesterday to extend their support to Israel and pledge their commitment to ending the arms smuggling into Gaza.
Send them a message

Are we, are we, are we there yet, Dad?

‘What a vacation! Yeah, a vacation from reality, Kids! We could take it because we took out those loans though. We’ll pay back the national debt some day, but today let’s just enjoy the road trip, OK? Hey, look out the window! HEY! I thought I saw an al-Qaeda’s member flying by!’

‘Dad, are we there yet? Are we, are we, are we there yet? I’m hungry. I need to go to the bathroom now. Are we there yet?’

‘Now, now. I told you that there would be no clean bathroom in this desert. You’ll just have to wait. Besides, there are no good hamburgers here either. Just falafel, if even that? We’ll be getting into Tehran late this evening though. Just wait!’

‘Oh, Dad!’ You always take us on the most awful vacations. All we wanted to do this summer is go to the mall and shop. Why’d you have to take us here, Dad?’

‘Look! Someday you will appreciate this trip. You will thank me for it, you will. Besides, you will like the fire works display tonight, I am sure. Your mom Hillary and I have wanted to take this vacation for a long time. Now just sit quiet and watch the road. See that body of water way over there? It’s called the Persian Gulf.’

‘Oh. Dad….’ tears come rolling down the kids cheeks. The kids are tired. And then they fell asleep once again, in the back seat of the car. Meanwhile, good ol Dad continues to drive resolutely down the road, headed towards Tehran. This is the trip he had most planned for!

The Surge morphs into The Purge

The US is now attacking the allies of Iran within the Iraqi Shia community, and this new battle in the US War to Re-Colonize the Middle East is now underway. It is an effort by the US to clean up behind the lines before it begins its bombardment of Iran.

All the candidates for the presidency have signed on to this new campaign by merely keeping their silence, as both the corporate political parties have done exactly the same thing. And the antiwar and Peace community seems totally befuddled by it all, while the mass media keeps it silent and news and clues-less as long as possible for the general public.

Yes, The Surge has morphed into The Purge, and nobody seems to have much taken notice. In fact, it looks like we’ll all have yet more nap time until the direct bombardment of Tehran begins. What, us worry? Not a chance!

Bush calls The Purge, a positive moment. Increase in death and fighting always seems to turn Dubya and Dick on. There is almost something Hitler-like in their attitude toward other peoples dying. No sacrifice on other peoples’ parts is too much for them, it seems. America must control the region… America must control the declining world oil supplies.

The US, determined to lie big once again

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States on Monday brushed aside the UN nuclear watchdog agency chief’s warning that there was no proof Iran seeks atomic weapons, and invited him to stay out of diplomacy with Tehran. Report continues

How is it that a country whose government is itself determined to turn to nuclear power to meet its own energy needs in these times of declining oil availability, impugns the motives of other countries taking the same action? That is what the US is doing with its Big Lie technique of claiming that Iran is developing nuclear weapons instead of just turning toward using nuclear plants to generate electricity.

Both countries need to work together to peacefully develop other forms of energy generation instead of using nuclear power.

Not Tehran Not Nagasaki Not Hiroshima

No more Hiroshimas and Nagasakis
Today is the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. We’ve hung a banner at Toons to commemorate the week. It reads NO MORE HIROSHIMAS -AND NAGASAKIS (Don’t run over to see it right now, I had to take it down in the rain, it’s hand sewn.) Nagasaki was bombed August 9. The Sisters Witness Against War vigil at Peterson AFB serves as an annual reminder of those bombings.
Who could have envisioned that today we’d be begging our government not to use a nuclear bomb for a punitive expedition against Iran?

The protest against nuclear arms has always been theoretical to my mind, about their proliferation and use in strategic power plays. I would never have conceived that the half-century-old pacifist movement to curb the nuclear buildup would find itself on the front line of the present anti-war movement. Do not bomb Iran.

Whether or not nuclear weapons are involved hardly matters. Back in 1945, more Japanese civilians died during the infamous fire-bombings of Tokyo than from the atomic bombs. This protest appeals to the minds at the Air Force who are prepared to sanction the remote mass destruction of fellow human beings.

Pelosi and Olmert together support Bush’s planned attack on Iran

Much fanfare has been made about how Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to Damascus was somehow contrary to White House policy. ‘Oh don’t go, Nancy’, shouted the Republicans. Then they called her a traitor for when she did visit Syria. And now Israel’s Olmert has gotten into the act (and I do mean act) as he met with the US Secretary of Imperialist War, Robert Gates, and the 2 of them did a DC photo op with Israel’s Olmert stressing that Israel wants to be friends with Syria. Why didn’t the White House lash out at Olmert as they just had with Pelosi?

The answer is simple. The lashing out in the media at Pelosi was just a media cover offered to the Democrats by Bush, while Pelosi got to pretend that the Democrats oppose Bush’s foreign policy of pushing for an extension of war from Iraq into Iran. Syria is an ally of Iran and all Pelosi was trying to do with her visit to Damascus was to try to split the 2 allies, Syria and Iran, by offering one the ‘carrot’, if only Syria would abandon its ally, Iran, who will then get the US-Israel ‘stick’.

Divide and Conquer is an ancient US government policy that both Pelosi and Bush are totally in agreement on. Take Syria to the side and offer it relief from the coming US-Israel attack on Iran, but only if Syria’s government abandons its alliance with Iran? There is no split between Pelosi and Bush at all. And both parties are absolutely ready to now have the US military attack Iran whether Syria accepts their ‘carrot’ or not. What will Syria’s government do? Dealing with the US and Israel in this way is even more suicidal than staying firm in alliance with Tehran.

Nancy Pelosi’s new dog, Silvestre, fails IQ test

Democratic Party exINS police dog, Silvestre Reyes, flunked his IQ test this week. The new head of the House Intelligence Committee was given a series of basic questions about the Middle East by the journal Congressional Quarterly Today, and scored ZERO on their IQ test for him. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction, it seems. But Pelosi’s pick for the spot didn’t seem to even know the difference between the Sunnis and the Shia! Unbelievable! Maybe they should rename it the House Ignorance Committee instead?

Even the CQ interviewer didn’t quite believe what he was hearing when he sat down with Reyes to talk about this newest advance in his career as Democratic Party top hack. Hint hint. Now go and give this test to Obama, too. We want some more fun. This is much better than watching Sasha Cohen play Borat. And even much more fun than a vactaion to Tehran to do a philosophy conference, even! Can we get Cheney tested now? Pleaseeeee….

Doesn’t it boggle the mind to think that this bipartisan DP-RP insane asylum trying to run another culture without a clue to what’s going on, could possibly succeed? Nobody speaks Arabic or Pashto, nobody in the country other than Pat Robertson, Billy Graham Baby, and Glenn Beck know anything about Islam (just kidding), and 99% of the US public that supports this fiasco overseas can’t locate their asses from a hole in the ground on a map! Yes, our leaders are all as stupid as rocks. Good going Democrats with picking Reyes for his post. He might be even stupider than Dubya? No mean feet. duh.

Look, to be fair, the liberal voters even to the Left of the Democratic Party politician hacks try to play Risk with other people’s lives while being totally clueless. How many of these nitwits want to go rushing in with US troops from Djibouti (I guess?) into Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic? Give these good hearted fools an IQ test about the region, and they would be out of their Risk game within secs due to brain infarcts.. Most of these liberal wannabe admirals so ready to Trotsky into areas like that, probably have already forgotten their Kosovan Albanian. It is sad, this US desire to control the world. When will it stop?

Bush and the former mayor of Tehran

Revolutionaries escorting CIA from US embassyThis is just RICH! Another headline! Bush and his Iranian nemisis to address the U.N. on the same day. Bush determined to avoid Ahmadinejad in the hallway! AND HOW!
Bush’s people don’t want to make an issue of the two meeting, although if Ahmadinejad approaches, “nobody’s going to body-block” him. Talk about giving diplomacy a chance.

Of the man who leads Iran, the nation which has been the demon of Bush’s preoccupation and the focus of Bush’s address to the General Assembly, Bush aids don’t want to accord Ahmadinejad so much importance. “We’re talking about the former mayor of Tehran here.”

Really. And Bush is what? A former what?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was among the former Revolutionary Guard student leaders who seized the American embassy in Tehran and precipitated the fall of the Shah and the end of US influence in Persia.

Bush was what? What? Oil man? Sports team owner? Alcoholic until he was 40? Maybe drinks still? Draft dodger of the blue-blood sort, dodged even his Reservist duty? Cocaine dealer in college, busted and sentenced to community service when others served long prison sentences? What? He won’t deign to meet with a former mayor of Tehran?

Ahmadinejad may be mouthing off too much for everyone’s comfort, but he has also singlehandedly brought the question of Israel’s legitimacy in the Middle East back to the discussion of a resolution in Palestine.

Ahmadinejad made minced meat of Mike Wallace in his CBS interview, in spite of the fact that 60-Minutes had control of the editing. I’m reluctant to mention Ahmadinejad and Saddam Hussein in the same sentence, but the Iranian president’s interview reminded me of Saddam’s talk with Dan Rather. The soon to be toppled dictator ran circles around our boy Dan. One rarely sees presidents measured up against journalists. Both are bright, but the brilliance required of a self-made statesman becomes pretty self evidence.

Now let’s talk about George Bush. Bush can’t even be interviewed by an informal commission without being accompanied by Dick Cheney. The vice-president’s nickname in CIA circles is “Edgar.” The best guess is that Edgar is a reference to Edgar Bergen, father of Candice Bergen and beloved ventriloquist to his wooden chum Charley McCarthy. Would Bush be the dummy “Charley?” Is that too much of a stretch?

Bush can’t handle a debate without an electronic prompter, nor a speech without someone feeding him his lines. That’s why he pauses between phrases. We know the routine from weddings: repeat after me: to have and to hold, to have and to hold, till death do us part, till death do us part, amen, amen. Bush can’t even handle an audience that isn’t vetted of just the hardcore ditto-heads.

White house officials are saying it is Ahmadinejad who is eager to avoid coming face to face with Bush. He’d come out at a disadvantage they say “because he’s shorter than Bush.” Really now? Shorter than Bush? I don’t even believe that.

News notes April 2006

Who’s paying the bill, who’s tendering the bill?
U. S. gas prices have hit over three dollars per gallon. Let’s see: we have oil men in charge of the country, they conduct secret meetings with energy companies, they convince us to invade Iraq with the world’s second largest oil reserves, the oil companies post record breaking profits, and we’re paying twice as much as we used to for gasoline. Who’s the patsy? Though that word might be a little insulting if you’re the parent of someone killed in this charade.
Whose conscience was not bothered by secret prisons?
If CIA officer Mary McCarthy was not the source of the leak about the network of secret prisons to which America is abducting people, the question that comes to mind is not who was, but rather, who else was not? Who among the CIA, government and military administrators knew about the illegal un-American activities and didn’t blow the whistle?
Diplomatic immunity for beachheads?
On the subject of flouting international law, it has been revealed that plans for the American embassy in Baghdad include facilities for mounting military operations. Since when has it been permissible to treat embassies as military beachheads? When Iranians stormed the U. S. embassy in Tehran, they claimed that the diplomats held hostage were in reality CIA operatives. Our country vehemently denied these charges, but history has shown the Iranian accusations to have been true.
Air quote, Zaqawi, end quote.
A recent Al Zarqawi videotape issues new warnings to Iraq’s occupiers. It renews the defiant posturing and reiterates the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda. When the BBC reported the latest story, they used quotations when refering to “Zarqawi.” Whose quotes might those be? Of what footnote to the Zarqawi story is the BBC reminding us?

Hire that architect!

Tehran apartment buildingAmerican viewers who watched the collapse of the World Trade Center may be surprised to see that this relatively negligible apartment building still stands after being hit by an airplane twice the size of the 9-11 jets.

An Irianian Hercules 130 military cargo plane collided with a ten story apartment building on the outskirts of the airport in Tehran. The building still stands, despite all our own first hand experience about what is supposed to happen to buildings struck by airliners considerably smaller than cargo planes.

Messy scattering of wreckageAs well, the pictures depict a wreckage-strewn scene at the site of the crash. It appears at least our Pentagon grounds keepers have something up on the Iranians when it comes to tidy crash sites.

There was quite a bit of wreckage, strewn across the site of the crash, including of course the black boxes, leading no one to suspect that the building had been struck by anything other than an airplane.