A north side protest hazard

Colorado College studentsI would have prefered to get a better shot, but these boys nearly ran us down. On three occasions, at the noon Monday bannering vigil, we were treated with these hecklers. The first time, Esther and I were crossing the street. (To hold a banner on the other side.) We were halfway to the median and this SUV started bearing down on us. We held a banner extended between us. Esther was behind me and as the SUV sped up, I slowed my pace. Esther was oblivious, struggling to hurry across in any case. As their engine roared, I stopped, waving my arms in admonishment as they finally veered around us. There wasn’t time for a picture, neither was I ready when they passed again, this time to swerve toward us on the curb. Yelling the usual teenager profanities, laughing. They saw the camera and on this pass decided to turn away into the alley between Nevada and Weber. I’m meaning to check if they park their car there.

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