Dear members of the A. C. L. U.

(I was asked to make a pitch to the local ACLU for the upcoming community forum about media reform. Here’s my letter. Could this not be addressed to any number of civic organisations? Meanwhile, you can find a plea to non-organizations at )

Hello dear cherished and tireless members of [fill-in-the-blank]. Thank you for giving me the chance to address you on a topic that concerns us all. I’m talking about the need to reclaim the American media from corporations. Locally one such effort involves trying to influence our public radio station, NPR affiliate KRCC, to adopt more objective programming.

Since I know your time is short, I’ll come to the point. Please lend the name of your organization to the list of co-sponsors of the upcoming February 20 public forum meeting. The more weight and respectability we can bring to the gathering, the more influential will be our voice.

Second, please plan on attending the meeting yourselves. Your opinions will add depth and diversity and ensure that KRCC and Colorado College will respond affirmatively.

If you are in accord, and are willing to give your consent on both points, that’s all I have to say. Thank you! If you question whether this effort falls within the purview of the ACLU, I need to go on.

The anti-trust battle may not necessarily be for the ACLU. But the result of having a local media which is more open to the public will benefit the ACLU completely. Would it not be fair to say that the greatest challenge facing any reform (and protecting our civil liberties has become, alas, reform) is an American public which is being consistently misinformed? ACLU membership, donations, and most importantly consensus, hinge on being able to take the case to the American public. If you elect not to join this effort to reclaim the media, you elect to fight that media at every turn on your own. Is that the mission of the ACLU?

Let me leave you to discuss that question among yourselves. If you question the urgency or validity of my characterization of KRCC, NPR and the corporate media, please seek out someone among you who can elucidate better than I. Refer to countless well-respected sources online such as F.A.I.R. (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) or contact Pikes Peak Media Alliance for more information.

Please join this fight. As you can see, I am the least persuasive representative of what is an earnest cause. That’s the most obvious reason why I need your help. With your voices no doubt we can reach others and unite our respective efforts. Thank you!

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