Apple Pan unchanged since 1947 or 1987

Apple Pan Restaurant on Pico Boulevard across from the Los Angeles West Side Pavilion Mall
This is my favorite eatery in LA. You stand along the wall until there’s a seat free at the counter. You’re breathing down their necks, actually. Luckily those seated are eating at the pace they are being served. Fast. The guy working the counter will keep your glass topped, pour the ketchup for your fries, even draw a napkin out of the dispenser as he sees you reach for it. In one fluid movement he’s reached your mouth before you do, or it feels that way.

The burgers are legendary, served in paper wraps that stand them on end, the easier to bite. Hickory sauce is standard. The lettuce is cut in wedges. You can’t visit the Apple Pan without having their apple pie, UNLESS you order one to take home, and chose instead to have a slice of the banana cream pie for desert.

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